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Glamour’s favourite lingerie brands to invest in now

Are you looking for something fresh? Maybe cute? How about daring? These brands from various regions have a unique spin on what lingerie means to them.




Founded by Lera Zhilyovain in 2014,this exquisite lingerie brand has made a name for itself, despite being in a politically unstable country. Zhilyova supports women’s rights and freedom of expression through the “soft power of aesthetics and beauty”. Lera handmade her first set of lingerie in her kitchen, and just one year later, locals had fallen in love with her brand. Championing body positivity in a country that’s still finding its feet in a liberal sense, Zhilyova is rooted in its stance against bullying and body shaming, positioned as a place free from judgement or prejudice, dedicated to beauty and challenging shame through feminine expression. The brand consciously develops its products, from sustainable working conditions to product manufacturing. Zhilyova guarantees the highest quality garments, top-tier fabric selection and even handmade elements. But, most importantly, it’s creating an inclusive and diverse space, starting by spreading its message in Ukraine and then globally.


Nette Rose

South Africa

An ambitious first-year fashion student who loves textiles and vintage finds conceptualised Nette Rose with two classy, adventurous grandmothers whose names head this local lingerie brand. Aiming to create pieces for women who understand the power of dressing themselves, Nette Rose’s mantra is fitting: she’s a wild one with a gentle soul who sways to her rhythm and dresses for herself. Ethical production is a priority for Nette Rose as it runs a proudly sustainable production line by limiting fabric use, sourcing local, sustainable thread and upcycling offcuts. Nette Rose has created a community for anyone, no matter their age or size, through its whimsical, trendy and comfortable lingerie. and the cherry on top? It's all locally made.

Soft and wet


Founded three years ago, a product of founder Alice Brnra’s “ongoing journey of self-discovery and building self-con dence”, Soft and Wet is a small, independent italian underwear brand. it makes simple, comfortable yet desirable and luscious undergarments. “it’s a caress to the female body that embraces its delicate yet conscious femininity,” says Alice. offering an assortment of textures from ribbed to soft and silky, soft and wet has unique ways of finishing its lingerie, whether dramatic gatherings or whimsical lettuce-leaf hems. The brand breathes feminine energy into each piece. Its purpose is to bring out the wearer’s tender and seductive sides without compromising comfort. Soft and wet aims to bring a sense of freedom in our bodies, in any way we choose to celebrate them.




Born of a need for comfy, ethical and dreamy undies, Pansy, a US-based organic cotton underwear company, has produced minimal, sturdy, toxin-free and size-friendly products. Two friends launched the brand in 2012. Now, a team of four runs the show in California. It sources natural textiles, organic cotton grown in texas and mils it in north Carolina. It also makes a natural rubber- cotton elastic in Rhode island, and colours garments using non-toxic fibre-reactive dyes at a factory in California. It uses entirely organic cotton thread and woven organic cotton twill tags. Pansy is all about transparency, providing an organic product that breathes sustainability and catering to anyone and everyone. oh, and did we mention comfort is its ultimate goal – and, it seems, it’s achieving just that.


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