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Sneak peek: SA brand ERRE chats to Glamour ahead of their fashion show debut in Paris

South African fashion duo Carina Louw and Natasha Jaume from Pretoria are the designers behind ERRE - the local clothing brand taking the couture world by storm.

ERRE has been selected by Share Africa as the only South African fashion brand to showcase a collection at their inaugural Africa Fashion UP event in Paris this Friday 17 September, ahead of Paris Fashion Week. Africa Fashion Up is a platform that aims to showcase African design talent to the world.

The brand will be debuting a collection called Home, taking inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of the African continent. They are also champions of Mohair - a renowned natural fibre that has an immense impact on the local fashion industry.

Glamour SA caught up with the designers ahead of their Paris showcase to chat more about their collection. We also have some sneak peek images of the designs we can look forward to seeing. How lucky!

Here’s what they had to say:

Congratulations on being chosen to showcase your collection in Paris with Africa Fashion UP. What does this opportunity mean to you?

This is an incredible opportunity for us to show Paris and the world what South Africa has to offer in terms of quality and design. In Paris we will be representing South Africa proudly because everytime a South African designer showcases abroad it's a win for the whole SA fashion industry. It has the potential to uplift our fashion economy for the future.

The collection you will be debuting is called ‘Home’. Can you tell us a bit about it - what were your ideas, inspirations, and visions?

We were inspired since lockdown last year by the immediate things in our home that we see everyday. From grass brooms sweeping in the mornings to the food on our table at night, to the beautiful indiginious flowers growing in our garden.

Home is South Africa. And we love to celebrate our most renowned natural fibre: Mohair. From the farm in the Karoo to the fibre processed and deyed in Port Elizabeth, our fibre contribution to the global fashion economy is immense. Yet most South Africans do not realize the role we play and the economic potential behind this magical fibre in global fashion.

What was your creative process like when designing this collection?

We created a massive moodboard, sketched & experimented the night away but at the end of the day, all design ideas rely on the textiles we are using in order to create the silhouettes and ideas we would like to achieve.

With ‘Home’ you obviously want to showcase South Africa to the rest of the world. How will this collection do that?

With this collection we would like to show the world the sheer talent, amazing resources and inherent strength this country has, despite the recent tumultuous news seen in the press due to riots etc. The collection is aimed at promoting a purposefully positive outlook on South Africa. We want to share the pure joy of living in this amazing country with the world.

Who is the ideal ERRE woman? And who is this collection made for?

There is no such thing as the "ideal ERRE woman" because ERRE exists for every woman. No matter what your shape or size, no matter if you're working from home or need to attend a special function, our clothing should fit YOU perfectly, you should not try to fit into our clothing.

What type of fabrics/textiles can we look forward to seeing?

Natural fibres including wool and cotton and then of course a lot of mohair used in unexpected ways.

Your brand is also an ambassador for locally-sourced Mohair. Why is this such an important cause for you?

Because mohair is truly sustainable in every sense of the word. Environmentally; it is a durable natural fibre that is biodegradable.

Socia- economically: it grows our local economy and has the potential to create countless new job opportunities.

It's a luxury to wear, an investent piece, because it is soft, lustrious, antibacterial and a breathable fibre.

What type of fabrics do you enjoy working with the most?

Always wool and mohair. But every fabric has its place in terms of function, performance and design.

What type of silhouettes can we expect to see?

Expect bold and powerful female silhouettes harking back to 50's couture proportions. From hourglass nipped in waists to massive sleeves.

What do you think are some of your most unique characteristics in your designs/brand?

Always Power dressing redefined. How to empower women by creating bold shapes and focal points. We know how to manipulate and cut fabric to flatter the real female form.

Where/when will ‘Home’ be available for purchase?

As soon as we are back in SA on 23 September at our studio at Milner Fashion House in Waterkloof Pretoria. And online by 30 September:

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