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How to keep your baby looking trendy with NYC baby boutique LIORE’e

For new moms, picking out baby clothes for your newborn can be one of the most fun and meaningful experiences.

However, despite the many cute styles and options available for baby outfits, many mothers have noticed the lack of quality in infant clothing.

Many companies often skimp on quality as it is easier, cheaper and quicker to use lower quality materials to manufacture clothing. But one New York-based luxury baby boutique is re-thinking the design process when it comes to their new line of baby clothing. Meet LIORE’e.

Established in 2017 by a young mother, Daniella Zoharetz, the designer’s mission for the brand was to create fun, luxurious accessories, products and clothing made for babies.

With a combined love for babies, fashion, and luxury, Zoharetz established LIORE’e, where she was met with wild success and rave reviews. While the brand is most widely known for its custom made rhinestone-embossed accessories like pacifiers, bottle tops, pacifier clips and baby shoes, the latest LIORE’e endeavor includes a new line of clothing.

“Before I started LIORE’e, I wasn’t happy with the options available. Sure, some clothing lines looked great, but they didn't sparkle! They didn’t stand out,” Zoharetz says. “As a mom, I wanted to do something that combined babies and fashion. So I came up with LIORE’e and my mission was to create unique, luxury items and accessories, made from premium quality that you would not find anywhere else.”

The brand’s new line of baby clothing will be made from premium pima cotton for ages newborn to two years old. The collection will include clothing sets, complete with high quality packaging and branding—perfect for gifting to new mothers and their newborns.

Launching in March 2022, LIORE’e looks forward to sharing their latest designs that promise luxury and sparkle in every product.

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