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Mishah brings a bold and unique approach to modest fashion

Mishah is a well established modest fashion brand that has been in the market for over 20 years. Owner of the brand, Mishah, is South African born and of Turkish descent, who left the corporate world as an investment analyst to pursue her dream and passion for fashion.

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Modest fashion is characterized by attire that is less revealing and often adheres to cultural or religious standards of modesty, has gained significant popularity globally.

It is deeply rooted in the cultural and religious practices of many communities, including Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Hindu populations. Each has it own standards of modesty, which influence their clothing choices.

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Mishah showcased their latest Modest Couture Collection at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week in April this year.

Retailers fashion brands are expanding their product lines to include modest wear, thus tapping into a lucrative and growing market segment. According to Reuters it has gained market value in excess of $270 billion & continues to grow.

Mishah collection is currently available at Queenspark Canal walk and online

The collaboration between Mishah Modestwear and well established brands like Queenspark illustrates the increasing integration of unique, stylish modest fashion into mainstream retail. Such partnerships help bridge the gap between niche markets and broader consumer bases, making modest fashion more visible and accessible to a diverse range of customers.

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