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5 fashion trends that will define 2022, according to Pinterest

From pearl chokers to electric blue party dresses, Pinterest predicts the styles that will shape the way we dress in 2022.

Ah, the fashion moodboard—that sprawling collection of fabric swatches, hazily captured silhouettes and ’90s supers that anchors the taste of every sartorial aesthete. The old-schoolers amongst us might still have a trusty cork iteration in their homes, but the digital world means most are frequenters of Pinterest, that platform which allows us to curate the sources of our inspiration to our distinct visual preferences.

Some sources, of course, are more pinned than others, and at the same time as we put together our own meticulous feed of images, Pinterest collates its own data, noting the patterns in our pinning habits to predict upcoming trends in the worlds of beauty, fashion and interiors. Now, Pinterest has released its eighth annual trend report for 2022 with ‘Pinterest Predicts’, forecasting the hairstyles, dress codes and accessories poised to take the upcoming year by storm.

“To predict these trends, we analysed what our 400 million plus monthly users around the world have been searching for,” writes Pinterest in an official statement. On the topic of fashion, it seems, trends we’ve noted near the close of 2021 will only continue to surge in popularity. Some are elevated interpretations of fashion post-pandemic, from specific approaches to the party season to dressing that puts comfort and style on equal footing. Other trends are offshoots of fashion’s growing experimentalism—with one circa-high-school movement in particular set to make waves.

Below, our guide to the five fashion trends that will define 2022, according to Pinterest.


Up first? Pearlcore, the lovechild of our obsession with all things Regency, Baroque and Rococo this year. Keep your grandma’s pearls on hand to clutch alongside your three-strand Vivienne Westwood choker because it seems like our love of this iridescent gem isn’t dying down just yet. According to Pinterest, searches for pearl gowns and necklaces have risen by three and seven times respectively, while pearl-themed wedding decor has increased by a staggering 185 per cent.

Dopamine dressing

Dressing loud continues at full volume in 2022, with searches for rainbow and fuschia dresses doubling and quadrupling respectively according to Pinterest data. The heavy metals and citrus oranges that have dominated the spring/summer ’22 runways so far are joined next year by electric blue, a shade which has increased in pins on the platform by 140 per cent. As much as we love the simplicity of black and white, we can’t deny how good it feels to wear your heart on your sleeve. Bring on the kaleidoscopic fashion.

Oh my goth

In 2022, we make like Rick Owens and embrace our glamorous goth. The alternative subculture enters the mainstream once more next year, with searches for goth business casual, and even goth pyjamas, rising by 90 and 185 per cent respectively. Expect corsets—which have held the fashion set in a tightly laced grip since 2020—to continue their reign, albeit in a darker fashion, along with fishnets, velvets and lace to creep into the fray.

Check yourself

Checks, which briefly dropped out of our line of sight after a post-Queen’s Gambit frenzy, stage a fabulous return next year, appearing on everything from manicures to trousers and tops. Pinterest data reveals that checkerboard patterns have surged by 160 per cent, while checkered nails have increased by an impressive 165 per cent, making the print one to watch (again) come 2022.


The sweats and track pants we held dear in the early months of the pandemic transformed into a form of elevated loungewear in 2021. Now, dressing comfort-first enters a new chapter in its evolution: lounge-erie. Pinterest searches for silky nightwear have increased by 96 per cent, with the platform predicting a rise in transparent nightdresses, and nightwear-inspired party dress codes next year. Prepare to channel your inner Kate Moss.

Written by Gladys Lai.

This article originally appeared on Vogue Australia.

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