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DIY: Latest trends on transforming your wardrobe

Instagram: @customforfun
Instagram: @customforfun

From celebrities like Bella Hadid sporting painted jeans to tie taking over social media by storm and influencers thrifting every item in their clothing hauls, it seems the next generation of eco-warriors are eager to lessen their carbon footprint when it comes to fashion.

Minimalist capsule wardrobes, thrifting and hand-me-downs have become some of the trendiest ways to get the latest looks.

Instagram: @customforfun

According to Pinterest’s search data, people are looking to make their clothes their own with Gen Z taking personalisation to the next level with DIY everything, from painted-on denim to custom crop tops.

DIY trends to help you transform your wardrobe:

Jean painting

Bella Hadid wore a pair of painted jeans last year and since then, this trend has only grown more popular.

We’ve seen a surge in creativity with clothing that’s transforming how we look at outdated clothes.

Denim is durable and can last a lifetime if you look after it right, so although it never really becomes too tatty to wear out, it does gradually become outdated (think of those flared bell bottoms from the early 2000s, which are coincidentally making a huge comeback).

Bring back the denim you’ve consigned to the back of your wardrobe using some creative skills.

Fabric paint, paint brushes, scotch tape and some picture inspiration are all you need to get started.


Whether you want to spice up a thrifted sweater or revive a forgotten t-shirt, embroidery is a beautiful way to add colour and patterns to plain clothing. Embroidery kits can be bought online or in craft stores and offer hours of endless crafting.

From Nike logos adorned with daisy flowers to personalising your hoodies with your nickname, anything from shoes to caps and the pockets of jeans can be made over, and the end results look so good.

Cut, crop and tie

Don’t throw away your old clothes, make them look like new with just a few snips of your scissors instead.

Baggy jeans can be cut into cute Bermuda shorts, oversized tops can be cropped for a refreshing look and even dated dresses can be transformed into t-shirts.

There are so many tutorials online to guide you on your DIY journey, from knotted t-shirts to fringe tassels with beads tied one each strand, and so much more.

Tie dye

From pastel hues of mint green, marshmallow pink and lilac that melt into vibrant shades of blue, orange, red and yellow, tie dye has nostalgic elements that pair wonderfully with the soft material and comfortable cut of sweats, oversized t-shirts and even dresses.

Old clothes serve as a wonderful canvas for experimenting with creativity, bleach, dye or combine the two to create whole new outfits you’d actually wear in 2021.

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