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5 reasons to buy GLAMOUR’s August 2022 Women’s Month issue

Introducing Glamour’s August 2022 Women’s Month edition - now available online and in-stores nationwide.

This special time of the year aims to honour and highlight the positive contributions, milestones, and events led by women in global societies.

Thus, our Women’s Month issue is packed with numerous educational and empowering topics faced by women in a modern world.

To carry through this message, we partnered up with Sunglass Hut to bring you not not one, but two extraordinary women gracing their own individual covers.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to buy the issue:

Double-whammy cover

To celebrate one of the most meaningful months of the year, we’ve got to two female powerhouse stars shining on their own covers. Our first cover star, Shekhinah, is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter while our second cover star, Karabo Poppy, is an illustrator, graphic designer and street artist known for her creative prowess and experimental style. Both women seek to honour, inspire, and celebrate women through their art.

Tackling women-focused issues

Our Women’s Month issue is packed with cutting-edge topics and controversial issues faced by women today. Some of our stand-out features include leading women in business, the cultural symbolism of natural hair for women of colour (pg 52), the self-care practice of celibacy (pg 82), and the controversial world of dating out of your tax-bracket (pg 100).

Self-care for the soul

Women are naturally givers. That’s why its important for us to fill up our cups. In this issue, we hone in on a number of innovative self-care topics - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In our LIVE section, we explore the benefits of sound therapy (pg 78), while on page 86, we’ve compiled a handy guide to identify high-functioning depression in yourself and others. In our THINK section, we take a dive into the hustle culture, and pose the question: Is chasing the really bag worth it? (pg 100). We also look at pregnancy and anti-depressants (pg 106), and provide a beautiful guide to the ultimate staycation (pg 98).

Fill-me-up fashion

As always, we’ve got the latest in fashion trends and inspiration. Emerge into the spring season with party-ready looks (pg 12) or peruse our handy shopping guide for embracing faux fur (pg 22). Step into your bold era with red hot fashion - the trendiest colour of the season (pg 26) or get to know Pandora’s new Pan-African muses (pg 36).

Beauty radar

Our beauty radar is more than just skin deep. We explore the pros and cons of skincare’s biggest trending ingredient, niacinamide (pg 62), while ushering in the warmer weather with a pop of eye colour inspiration (pg 42). The topic of body neutrality is another complex topic influencing the beauty standards. We explore what its about (pg 94).

Click here to grab a digital copy of Glamour’s August 2022 Women’s Month issue, here or pick up a physical copy now available in-stores.

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