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5 reasons to buy our Women’s Month issue

As one of Africa’s leading women-focused magazines, Women’s Month is one of the most important times of the year for us here at GLAMOUR SA.

While we always seek to provide insightful and uplifting content for women in all phases of life, our 2023 women’s month issue is just an extra bit special.

Our team has worked hard to create an issue that is packed with inspiring stories of women who are excelling in their chosen fields, both locally and globally, and highlights women who have played an instrumental role in changing our realities for the better.

As always, we have the latest in fashion, beauty lifestyle content, as well as touch on trending topics at the forefront of womenhood in 2023.

Here are 5 reasons to buy the issue:

Global icon Bonang Matheba graces the cover

As an award-winning media personality, style icon, businesswomen, Global Citizen ambassador and more, Bonang Matheba is the perfct cover star for this edition. She excels in so many facets of being a woman and is an inspiration to women of all ages and races across the globe. In in our exclusive cover story, Bonang opens up about her passion for giving back to society, building a business empire, and her journey towards becoming one of Africa’s biggest stars (pg 68).

Women-focused issues

For women’s month, we’re shining a spotlight on female pioneers who are excelling in their chosen fields against all odds, as well those who are making history and are sure to be remembered in decades to come (pg 102). We also delve into the “biggest and most unflattering trend of 2023” - misogyny (pg 90), as well as delve into the signs of a toxic relationship (pg 83).

At the forefront of fashion

Get the look with our regular trends and shopping guides (pg 32), catch up with couture creator Orapuleng Modutle (pg 38), as well as look into fashion’s latest sustainable material, kelp.

Beauty and wellness watch

At GLAMOUR we’re all about feeling good from the inside out. Some of our standout features include ‘Deep Down Under’ - discussing everything you need to know about intimate health (pg 58), ‘Are you due a social media break’ (pg 94), and books to uplift your spirit (pg 80).

Travel trends

The soft life is what we live for and there’s plenty where that came from in this issue of GLAMOUR SA. Read our our review on the beauty of Kruger Shalati (pg 98), and the vehicle you need for an off-the-beaten track adventure (pg 108).

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