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5 Reasons we love our ‘Disruptors’ Issue Cover Star, Bongi Msomi

We’re excited to introduce our June/July issue featuring Captain of the National Netball Team, Bongi Msomi. There are many reasons we love her, here we list five.

Her story is one for the books

Bongi is an inspiration to a lot of women and young girls, and her greatest feat is representing SA as the Captain of the National Netball Team. Considering that netball wasn’t even on her radar until she was discovered by chance at 16, her success was written in the stars. We’re elated to share her story in our iconic ‘Disruptors’ Issue.

She is ‘Faster Forever’

We couldn’t have chosen anyone more fitting to cover the issue; Bongi represents everything the Glamour woman stands for. Her winning attitude coupled with her focus and determination attracted the attention of PUMA - the fastest sports brand in the world. And as a game-changer, she says she resonates with the PUMA values, ‘Faster Forever’.

Image: Captured by Franco Kellerman

Her approach to brand alignment

She shares that a lot of thought goes into her approach to brand alignment; “what the brand is about, its initiatives, and will to empower others. I also consider the brand’s openness in supporting me and my personal brand.” As fate would have it, PUMA ticked all the boxes, “they approached me and I fell in love with the brand. I’ve never had this type of support. PUMA opened doors for me when it came to personal sponsorships and ambassadorship. They support my projects as well and the working relationship has been great from day one,” she adds. (Page 68).

She leads with intention

Being selected as Captain for the National Netball Team not only speaks to her technical skills but her leadership skills, too. Cognizant of this, she says, “I am really pleased that I was offered this opportunity and took it with both hands. Looking back, I have grown to lead in my own way and be confident in my leadership qualities. These qualities help me in my life in general; I lead myself every single day and am pretty pleased with where I am.” (Page 68).

She is a pioneer for women in sport

Bongi plays an important role in encouraging women to take up space in the sports fraternity. Her take on the tone of the conversation around women in sport in 2023 is that “there’s a powerful message around supporting women from all sporting fraternities. I love the ‘It’s 2023 and we’re Here for Her’ campaign by SuperSport. It is massive to see so much advocating for greater recognition of women in sport!” (Page 71).

Image: Captured by Franco Kellerman

Grab your copy of Glamour’s Disruptor’s Issue, available on shelves nationwide and digitally here.

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