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5 things to look forward to on Netflix’s new reality show Young, Famous & African

The first ever Pan-African reality show on Netflix, Young, Famous & African (YFA), drops today on the streaming service and it’s showcasing all the finer things in life - along with a multitude of cracks beneath the surface.

Following a group of influential A-listers hailing from different parts of the continent, the show takes us on a multifaceted journey of complex relationships, ego-clashing, taboo romance, feuds and love.

In Young, Famous & African, everyone’s a big deal where they come from. Starring Khanyi Mbau, Nadia Nakai, Annie Macaulay-Idibia, Swanky Jerry, Diamond Platnumz, 2Baba, Naked DJ, Zari The Boss Lady, Andile Ncube, and Kayleigh Schwark, the group embark on trial and error as they leave their families and comfort zones behind and navigate Mzansi’s City of Gold.

Of course, all the drama is packaged in aesthetically-pleasing, luxurious lifestyles - showing the world a side of Africa that they’ve never seen before.

If you need any more reason to indulge in YFA, here are 5 things to look forward to:

High class events

Would it even be a reality show without s**t popping off at a formal event? Fortunately, YFA gives us plenty of drama, and we get to be a fly on the wall. From Black Tie dinners to high teas and bachelorette parties, these opulent social gatherings make the perfect platform for the group to air their grievances, and drive the friendship dynamics throughout the show.

OTT fashion

The YFA cast is power-packed - and everyone came to slay. Expect unreal swag from stylist Swanky Jerry, glitzy ensembles from Khanyi Mbau, and African queen attire from Mrs Idibia, to name a few. An all-white power suit from Khanyi and a jaw-dropping Arabian princess outfit from Zari The Boss Lady are some of the stand-out high-fashion moments - but trust us, there’s plenty of more to look forward to.

Explosive ego clashes

When you pack so many influential people in one vicinity, there are bound to be ego clashes, with everyone competing to be seen, heard, and adored. On YFA, this ensues more often than not, with some ‘mellow’ personalities even showing their feisty side when push comes to shove.

Women supporting women

The ladies have a different dynamic to the men, but one thing we see come through on the show is that those women who claim to be genuine friends, fiercely protect and stand up for one another - especially when it comes to relationship issues. Amidst all the catfights and ego-driven drama, it’s heartwarming to see sincere heart-to-hearts and bonding between the ladies.

Lessons in friendship

There are times on the show when friendship boundaries get crossed, but then are those who put people in check. Between murky relationship waters, bro code, and the women picking sides, we can take away many lessons about friendship and loyalty.

One thing that truly comes through in the end, is that despite all the wealth, extravagance, and glam, being surrounded by love and genuine connections is truly the most valuable achievement of all.

Watch Young, Famous & African now streaming on, with new episodes dropping every Friday.

Images: Mosa Hlophe/Netflix

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