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A Snapshot of Our June/Disruptors Cover Story Featuring Temi Otedola

In an intimate conversation with the multi-talented Temi Otedola, we gain an up-closeview of what it takes to achieve such a level of success and admiration.

The soft melodies of Bon Entendeur’s 80s mixtape fill the production studio in Midrand, Joburg as I enter the room. It’s a Saturday afternoon, just past 12pm, and I’ve just flown in from Cape Town for the cover shoot.

Temi Otedola – actress, entrepreneur, and digital content creator – is the daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola. Known for her impeccable style and captivating Instagram feed, she is married to Nigerian artist Mr Eazi, and her sister is the renowned DJ Cuppy. Recently named the brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris’s Infallible collection in Sub-Saharan Africa, Temi’s story resonates far beyond the continent.

Image: Dillion Buirski

In the midst of a bustling studio, Temi sits elegantly on a high chair while the makeup artist works diligently on her features. The air is thick with humidity, prompting Temi to cool herself with a small white fan. Radiating beauty and a sense of purpose, she dons a stunning black bodycon dress with a subtly alluring low back. Today marks the second day of her campaign shoot for L’Oreal, followed by the cover shoot for GLAMOUR the next day.

As the afternoon unfolds, I observe Temi’s dedication to her craft; she meticulously perfects each camera angle, with precision. It’s evident that she approaches her work with a profound focus and commitment, honed through countless hours of practice. Amid a hair change break on Sunday, I sat down with the 27-year-old for an interview, delving into her journey through acting, content creation, and her exciting new role withL’Oréal Paris.

Image: Dillion Buirski

Glamour: Temi, congratulations on your exciting role as the face of L’Oréal Paris’s Infallible range! Who is the Infallible woman?

Temi Otedola: The Infallible woman is someone who believes in herself. When you have so much confidence in yourself, who you are and what you do despite all the hurdles you face in life, you feel infallible! It’s really about having that self-belief that you can do anything, because once you believe that, the world becomes your playground.

G: How does it feel to be the new ambassador of L’Oréal Paris Makeup?

TO: I almost can’t put it into words. It’s honestly and truly a dream come true to be able to work with such an iconic brand. When I think beauty, I think L’Oréal! It’s truly a dream brand, and a brand that I am proud to represent. Most importantly I believe in what the brand stands for, their values, and how they make women feel.

G: Do you have any fond makeup memories?

TO: Growing up – before I could fit into my mother’s clothes – I would steal her makeup. I would sit in her bathroom and put on lipstick and mascara... she had so many L’Oréal products! That was my first introduction to the brand. Everything in my life, from beauty to wisdom and fashion, has been influenced by my mother.

G:How did that make you feel?

TO: At the time, I couldn’t wait to be grown up so I could use makeup as a tool to express myself. I would watch my mother getting ready in the morning and I would think, “Wow, the whole process is not only about looking beautiful; it’s more like a ritual for self-care.”

G: This is your first GLAMOUR cover; how does it feel to grace the cover of Africa’s leading women- focused magazine?

TO: It’s truly an honour! You’ve had so many women I look up to on previous covers, and to be part of that lineage is so exciting. I love that GLAMOUR is about highlighting the culture, the beauty industry, and fashion and its key messaging of celebrating women on the continent. It’s amazing to be part of that.

G: With your extraordinary social media presence, how do you navigate the digital world and how does content creation help to strengthen your brand?

TO: Social media is essential in this day and age for building a brand, because it enables you to reach a global audience. It also allows us to share our entire lives from our bedrooms. I was very fortunate to start on social media at just 17 years old, launching my first fashion blog while in high school. I had an Instagram page, a Twitter account, and a Snapchat account, as TikTok had not been invented then. I would come home from school and go to my room to write up fashion and beauty posts for my blog. I would take the photos and edit them myself... I was the editor, the stylist, and the hair and makeup person all in one. I did that for many years, and it’s amazing to see how things have changed since then. TikTok is my favourite platform at the moment!

Image: Dillion Buirski

G: As a fashion enthusiast attending fashion weeks around the globe, could you share some of your experiences and travel tales?

TO: I love fashion weeks in New York, Paris, Milan and Lagos! Every city has its own unique vibe, but it has been particularly important to me to attend the fashion shows in Europe, as I have been dreaming about them for years. Paris has a certain type of magic I can’t quite put my finger on, perhaps because it is home to fashion houses that have been around for decades. When I was in Paris recently, I visited the Schiaparelli Couture House from the 1920s, and it was an incredible experience! I could feel the energy and history in the walls where Elsa Schiaparelli’s original paintings are displayed. Paris has that special feeling of being the birthplace of many of fashion’s iconic moments. It’s definitely my favourite fashion capital; it just has that magic!

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