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5 Ways to brew coffee in style

Brewing good coffee is a fulfilling daily ritual, or at least it should be

Almost a year into working from home like many of my fellow South Africans, I recently rediscovered my love for coffee.

Whether you like yours made instant, the Nespresso way or prefer the mad scientist like vacuum siphon, most coffee lovers know that the French press method done right produces the superior cup of java. Since the early 1900s the French press is known for how the purest flavours, essential oils, caffeine and antioxidants of the coffee are diffused and preserved and enjoyed. Below, take a look at five of our favourite coffee presses right now that you won’t regret adding to your kitchen or home office.

Timemore U French Press

Picture: Bean There

The U French Press comes with a matte textured black or white cover over borosilicate glass. It makes up to two cups per brew and microfilters your coffee creating clarity, body and reducing bitterness. Available from Bean There.

Delter Coffee Press

Picture: Cape Coffee Beans

Not exactly a French Press but an Aeropress coffee brewer, this is more of an injection brewer where the coffee is held in a separate chamber from the water until you choose to start pressing. It’s a fairly new method, take a look at the brew guide below. Available from Cape Coffee Beans.

Eva Solo Thermo Cafetiere

Picture: Yuppiechef

I would be lying if I said I did not put this one on the list purely based on it’s look. However, extra perks include the fact that it brews 1 litre of coffee and it also functions as a vacuum jug that keeps coffee hot for longer. Available from Yuppiechef.

Hex Collection Coffee Press

Picture: Le Creuset

The design of this Le Creuset stoneware press features a stylish hexagonal decal, brews 1 litre and can also be used for steeping loose tea leaves. Available from Le Creuset.

La Cafetiere Barcelona Ceramic

Picture: Faithful To Nature

The La Cafetiere Barcelona ceramic coffee press is simple but aesthetically pleasing and the set comes with a ceramic coffee press that easily fits over a mug. Available from Faithful To Nature.

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