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Behind the bar with Siya Bunny

In celebration of World Whisky Day, we get up close and personal with social media personality and content creator, Siya Bunny. We asked her seven questions to understand what makes the perfect drink or cocktail for her, and how she plans on mixing it up this World Whisky Day.

What key ingredient do you look for when choosing a cocktail?

Anything that will give my tastebuds a surprise… I like being taken on an adventure.

What’s your flavour? Sweet, sour, bitter or spicy?

It depends on the day and my mood. One some days I like it spicy and on some days, I like it sweet like myself.

What’s your go to drink?

I absolutely love the Camminare cocktail from Saint Restaurant – it’s made with my favorite Johnnie Walker.

What spirit do you enjoy most? Whisky, vodka, brandy or gin?

I love a good whisky – absolutely.

You’re making a drink to impress your guests, what drink are you preparing for them?

I’m definitely preparing The Golden Apple – a beautiful & crisp cocktail made with Johnnie Walker Gold, Apple Syrup & Appletizer.

We saw your recent partnership with Johnnie Walker, which variant is your favourite and why?

Johnnie Walker Gold is certainly my favorite. Apart from the actual liquid, I love what the Johnnie Walker Gold brand is all about – the celebratory moments. I love celebrating so it’s the perfect variant for me.

How are you spending your World Whisky Day?

I’ll be spending World Whisky Day with my Johnnie Walker family and some friends, making some cocktails and enjoying Johnnie Walker.

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