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Travel smart! 3 Tips that will save you cash

Jetting off on an overseas break is exciting… but nothing can ruin your holiday fun faster than excessive bank charges and currency conversions! And there’s more to planning a holiday than choosing between cocktails in Hawaii and skiing in the Alps. So, scared you won’t have enough cash saved up to make it through your travels? We asked Ian Barrable, the sales director of American Express, to share his top tips.

Do your math

“Expensive international flights and accommodation coupled with our weak Rand make it challenging to take that dream holiday – particularly to more expensive destinations such as London or New York,” says Ian, so calculate exactly how much money you will need for your trip. Take your flights, accommodation, meals, shopping and unexpected expenses into account and then divide the remainder of your savings into allowance. Ian suggests, “work[ing] out a conservative yet flexible daily budget.” And make sure you stick to it! “If you spend more than you planned on one day of your trip, simply spend less the next. This way you won’t be caught at the end of your holiday with no money,” says Ian.

Protect your cash

“Too many tourists fall victim to theft, or lose their wallets while adventuring. A currency card loaded with your travel savings is a good idea, as it prevents someone else from using your funds yet allows you easy access to your money,” Ian points out. “Many financial services such as American Express offer a Global Travel Card that can be used worldwide. Some, financial services even offer a free replacement and access to emergency funds should you have misplaced your card, ensuring that you are never stuck without money far away from home.”

Outsmart the system

Avoid converting currency at places with high fees and exchange rates, such as airports and hotels. “It all adds up, so make sure you shop around beforehand for the best rates,” suggests Ian.


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