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Wine trends to lookout for in 2022

What will be in your wine glass in 2022?

It is time to consider the wine trends in line to shape our drinking next year.

Below is what you can look out for in 2022 when it comes to the world of wine.

Rosé is going to be the winner.

Red wine is considered the basic drinking habit of many people. According to experts, rosé is going to be the top-seller in 2022.

Low-ABV and no-ABV wine brands expand.

Building on the desire to think about their health more holistically, experts reveal that many wine consumers are exploring the idea of drinking less - and wine producers have responded enthusiastically with low-ABV and no-ABV options.

They also reveal that consumers are already exploring this in other areas of their alcohol consumption.

Bag-in-box or wine-on-tap formats will continue to grow.

Wine experts say these provide a great solution for consumers who are hosting friends and want to make it easier to purchase larger volumes – and make it easier to serve.

Sommeliers are seeing more branded and better-quality options and some bag-in-boxes allow the wine to stay fresh for up to six weeks – perfect for midweek single glass occasions.

Wine bandits.

Owner at Culture Wine Bar, Matt Manning says you don’t have to own a wine farm to produce incredible wines. Manning says there is a rise in the new maverick winemaker who uses grapes from multiple farms to produce their own label, small-batch wines, and this also gives them the opportunity to pick the “cream of the crop”, offering something unique and exciting to wine drinkers.

Local is lekker.

Manning also reveals that with the economic toll wreaked by the pandemic, there will be a return in focus to everything local as a collective move to boost local trade.

He says South Africa has always had fantastic producers, and he predicts that there will be a renewed appreciation for the gems on our doorstep – particularly the smaller producers.

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