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Whisky and the modern woman

I am a woman and I mix my own drinks.

What do you imagine a woman who drinks whisky looks like?

Is she dressed in an evening gown and fur-coat gliding gracefully down a winding staircase, whisky tumbler in hand?

Does she roll her r’s and speak in dulcet tones? Does she wear a pants suit and carry a briefcase by day but a clutch bag at night?

Is she wildly successful? What does that success look and taste like?

Chivas has begun to paint a new picture of the whisky-drinking woman and the way she enjoys it.

Lindiwe Modiselle, Chivas Venture x A Grade apprentice and founder of streetwear brand STRSELLE, creates classics inspired by vintage items that show that old and new can meet to form a collection that is rooted in culture and tells a story.

That's also how she likes her whisky. As a drink that's generally considered more masculine and suited to middle-aged, sophisticated men, whisky has been reinvented much like fashion to accommodate the modern woman who drinks from a tall glass with ice and an array of other flavourful ingredients.

Lindiwe experiments with her HiBALL just like she does with 80's and 90's fashion design and colour.

There’s no winding staircase in sight and Lindiwe would rather explore the power of free-form.

As a Chivas Venture apprentice, she has shown that success does not have to be traditional and it is not a trend; success is a blend.

Lindiwe’s favourite blended whisky has re-invented the way you drink it. The HiBALL, a drink that’s easy to make, easy to drink, and of course, easy to impress!

Grab your highball glass and your favourite flavours, and you’re ready to enjoy the age-old whisky cocktail – with your Chivas spin. Remix your drink, your way. The Chivas HiBALL way.

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