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5 body positivity influencers you should be following

Simone Mariposa, Image:Instagram
Simone Mariposa, Image:Instagram

Simone Mariposa, Image:Instagram

If you’re in need of some inspiration and positive vibes in 2020, then look no further! To help you get through a difficult year, we rounded up five social media stars who you absolutely need to know about.

These influencers use their platform to spread important messages about body positivity, mental wellness, and self-love and acceptance.

There's never been a more critical time to surround ourselves with messages of motivation and empowerment, so make sure to follow these fantastic five personalities and keep up with their advice!

Simone Mariposa @simonemariposa

A true inspiration, Simone does not let herself be defined by her body. Instead, she uses her platform as a plus-sized model to advocate for how women should really be represented.

From promoting the hashtag #wewearwhatwewant, to showcasing her vulnerabilities and insecurities in an authentic way via social media, she is an amazing advocate for wellness and proves that you can always find a silver lining in difficult moments.

Simone Mariposa, Image: Instagram

Kellie Brown @itsmekellieb

Kellie recently created a podcast called @faticonpodcast to further her goal of encouraging plus-sized women to be proud of who they are and the bodies they carry, especially during major fashion events when there is constant pressure to look a certain way. Kellie is also a fashion icon and home decor enthusiast, and she is motivated by her goal to change the industry for the better and create more opportunities for black women.

Kellie Brown, Image:Instagram

Kelvin Davis @kelvindavis

Known for being the face behind the body positivity movement for men, wellness advocate and author Kelvin believes that “your body is a black canvas and your clothes are a medium.” He also uses his platform to model menswear and promote health and positivity as a respected gentleman.

Kelvin Davis, Image: Instagram

Stephanie Yeboah @stephanieyeboah

The award-winning author and plus-size blogger has appeared on a variety of shows and magazines. She works to create a safe place for everyone with her book, Fattily Ever After, which features stories about body image, and the struggles of being a black woman in today’s world. Stephanie’s perspective is extremely eye-opening to any reader.

Stephanie Yeboah, Image:Instagram

Lauren Leavell @laurenleavellfitness

As a motivational coach and fitness trainer, Lauren aims to help people move their bodies. Through her Bare and HIIT classes, she shows her followers how to have a stronger and more positive mindset while dealing with other issues in our social world. She truly showcases the critical balance between mental health and physical activity.

Lauren Leavell, Image:Instagram

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