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6 positive lifestyle changes brought on by COVID-19 lockdowns

We have been living with the pandemic for over a year now. The way we work, live and interact with each other has changed drastically for the better and sometimes for the worse. Here are positive changes we have adopted that are changing our lives for the better.

Less make-up and more skin: With many of us still working from home means no more clogged pores as we now have more make-up free days. Wearing make-up is now reserved for important Zoom meetings and the rest of the days my skin routine includes a moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen. A healthy and dewy looking bare face is a big trend right now so flaunt your natural skin with pride.

It’s okay to stay home and do nothing: Venturing outside for groceries is stressful enough let alone meeting friends for a drink at a busy restaurant or bar. It’s okay to simply say “Maybe another time”, you don’t owe anybody more than that.

Your Wellbeing is a priority: Checking in with yourself mentally and physically has become top priority. Practice mindful gratefulness for your health and life, even with the ongoing uncertainty around us. Plan for a self-care session of any form ahead of time so you have a date with yourself, even if it’s just spending an hour reading a book.

Your home, your sanctuary: We are spending so much time in our homes that we are putting in an extra effort to make our homes as comfortable as we can. During lockdown I’ve become a plant mom and it brings me so much joy watching my plants my space has become more instagrammable.

Out with toxic and fake friends: The pandemic has been about shedding what no longer serves purpose in our lives. It has become easier to ignore that WhatsApp message you don’t feel like answering. Time is precious and it’s best spent with people you really care about.

Online shopping is becoming more sustainable: The pandemic set off a surge in online shopping that has made our lives easier. From nappies to alcohol and clothing to groceries, you can have anything delivered to your door in an hour.

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