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A shopping guide to help you buy your loved one the perfect perfume for Valentine's Day

If you walk into any store right now you’ll know without a doubt that Valentine’s Day is coming up

While it’s very easy to give into the hype and buy one of those corny gifts that most retail stores place right up front, your special person would appreciate a more thoughtful gift.

For some, this might be tricky especially when your better half seems to already have everything they need.

However, there is one thing you can never have enough of. And that’s perfume.

I must confess that I am one of those people. No matter how much perfume I have, I always have room on my dressing table for one more.

Buying perfume for someone else can be daunting, but if you know what type of person they are, the guide below should make it easier to find them the perfect perfume.

Perfumes are broken down into several categories of scents. These include woody, floral, fruity, oriental and green. One of these might be the right one for your Valentine.


If she’s a nature lover then these are perfect for her. Woody perfumes are warm and earthy. Think about smells associated with bergamot, sandalwood, cedar or patchouli. They tend to have a bit more on the masculine side.


Is she feminine and the romantic type? The traditional floral scents are for her. Floral scents are sweet and feminine. Roses, jasmine, gardenias and carnations are a few blossoms that make up the bouquet of floral perfume.


She’s exotic, bold and sexy. Oriental scents often include ingredients such as vanilla, exotic flowers, spices such as cinnamon and cloves.


She’s the sporty type and enjoys walks in the forest. Then she most likely prefers green fragrances. Perfumes with green scents typically include violet leaves, ivy leaves, and rhubarb.


Does she often smell like cherry lip balm? Is she youthful and energetic? Then she would like fruity-scented fragrances. These fragrances smell like apples, peaches, berries, watermelons and other deliciously juicy fruits.

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