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A survival guide for 2021

Picture: Unsplash
Picture: Unsplash

5 Ways to switch up your self-care game if the new year, new me cliché doesn’t work for you.

End of year fatigue is a thing and I am sure many will agree when I say that it has followed us into 2021. If you need a little help getting your mental and physical well-being and your goals back on track, take a look at the list below.

Protect your peace

If you track your screen time you might be surprised by the percentage of your days, weeks and months spent scrolling through Insta reels, Twitter threads and watching Netflix. Staying connected and available constantly is also known to add to anxiety and affect your sleep patterns. Consider switching off now and then and reading a book, playing a board game, starting a puzzle or other offline activities that will help improve brainpower.

Eat better

Lockdown allows more time for unhealthy eating habits to develop but there’s no need to put yourself on a strict diet that could ultimately be difficult to maintain. Just remain mindful about what you eat, how often you indulge in your favourite adult beverages, add more fruits and vegetables to your daily meals and definitely drink more water.

Change up your surroundings

Due to the pandemic, we are all spending most of our time at home. Try redecorating or rearranging your living areas and workspace. You could try introducing feng shui to your home for example by clearing clutter and bringing in more natural light.

Set goals

Whether your goals are career-driven, to improve your personal life or health orientated, writing them down can help you focus and hold yourself accountable. Consider setting daily or weekly goals, small steps towards achievement count too.

Treat yourself

A few weeks ago my partner and I were talking about doing more activities as individuals that spark joy for us. In a way, I see it as replenishing my cup so that I would ultimately have more to share with her. Think about doing things for yourself that bring you joy, whether it's volunteering, getting involved in a sport or retail therapy. Check out Relate Bracelets or similar non-profit enterprises who donate a percentage of or all earned revenue to social upliftment initiatives across the country.

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