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Barbiecore Mania! Glamour's guide on how to dress like Barbie

Barbiecore mania has taken the world by storm! Since filming began there has been a surge of anticipation, especially when images were released of Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling during filming dressed up as their iconic characters. Barbie has been the most beloved doll for young girls since 1959 and with the addition of diverse looking dolls arriving on the scene, the fandom has only grown exponentially. To capitalise on the icon that is Barbie every highstreet brand has jumped on the bandwagon and released capsule collections to feed the frenzy that is Barbie mania.

The best thing about Barbiecore, embracing our feminine side and indulging in over-the-top girliness.(Not sure if that’s a word) Fortunately since Valentino Pink was the “IT” colour of 2022 we’ve become comfortable in an all pink ensemble. Taking inspiration from our icon, pretty dresses, cute crop tops and miniskirts with pink shades are the perfect pieces to pull off the Barbie look.

Below we’ve curated a few of our favourite items to help you create your own Barbie look!

Happy Shopping!

Image Supplied: Zara dress
Image Supplied: Cotton On sunglasses
Image Supplied: Cotton On Bow
Image Supplied: Y&G dress
Image Supplied: Zara heels
Image Supplied: Superbalist
Image Supplied: Call it spring bag
Image Supplied: Mango crop top
Image Supplied: Mango skirt
Image Supplied: Superbalist Rings
Image Supplied: Pina Jewels
Image Supplied: The Fix t-shirt
Image Supplied: Mango heels

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