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It's #Barbiecore season - Our fave pink nails to try, from ballerina to Barbie!

We know by now it’s Barbie’s world and we just live in it, and we’re deep into our Barbiecore era. From National Pink Day to the official playlist, we are all sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation as the 21 July slowly but surely approaches.

It’s no secret that pink nails will always be a thing. But more than usual pink nails are trending and we reckon the Barbiecore movement may have a little something to do with it. While milky pink and ballerina hues have been (and remain) a very popular go-to shade, the upcoming Barbie movie has seen more of us embrace brighter, bolder gradients.

As for the shade Barbie herself has been wearing (and by that, we mean Margot Robbie who will be playing the eponymous doll in the screen flick), her nail artist, Tom Bachik, posted the most recent shade she's been rocking, which just so happens to be a high street steal for under a tenner. He coated Margot's nails in the sheer-but-buildable pastel pink Vanity Fairest polish from Essie.

Wherever you fall on the scale, pink remains one of the most versatile nail colours out there. Its spectrum stretches from delicate pale pinks, ballet slipper tones, rosy blushes, tawny pinks and muted pinks, all the way to bold hot pink, neon, fuchsia, cerise and raspberry. That's a whole load of options for one shade to offer.

Within its kaleidoscope, it delivers neat, clean neutrals (like OPI's much-loved Bubble Bath), while CND's milky Romantique is a smash-hit among beauty editors.

Mid-toned pinks are pretty and delicate without being too shouty. Blush, rose and pink lemonade feel fresh and work year-round.

Or, there's the more audacious shades – watermelon and coral feel perfect for summer (perfect for those EU summer holiday’s everyone in SA seems to be going on lately) while vibrant hot pinks, will give you holiday fingers and toes whether you're off on your travels or not.

And, if you're still not sure what colour to go for, wear a few on the same finger with an ombré design, or wear different tones on each finger with a gradient mani.




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