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Five South African Apps to make your life easier

Apps you need
Apps you need

Apps you need

These apps will make your life easier.


It’s a sad fact that safety is always a concern in South Africa. A on-demand mobile response solution using GPS technology, Secura, allows users to connect with the closest armed response vehicle near them for only R49 per month. With this app, enjoying the outdoors or a relaxing away from your own in-home armed response will be made a little easier.

Eskom Se Push

Don’t let Eskom put a dimmer on your life this year. Whether you’ll be home, but definitely if you’ll be in a part of the country you’re not too familiar with, the Eskom Se Push app keeps you up to date on exactly when you will be without power.


The seed for SweepSouth was planted when over the holidays Aisha Pandor, SweepSouth co-founder, found herself struggling to find domestic help when her family’s domestic worker went on leave. Whether you’ll be looking for help over this period because your domestic worker is on leave, or maybe you want some extra help after an evening entertaining friends and family, SweepSouth, similar to Uber, allows you to book a vetted and user-rated domestic worker when you need it. 


Promising delivery within 20 minutes to an hour, the Bottles app describes itself as the fastest, most convenient, and reliable way to order beer, wine, spirits, mixers, and snacks. Currently serving most of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, and Bloemfontein, this app is ideal for when a trip to the bottle store just isn’t convenient and you still want a little extra tipple for those unplanned braais and get-togethers or during this COVID-19 self isolation period. 

Eat Out

The Eat Out Awards are the Oscars for South Africa’s restaurant industry, and the Eat Out guide is the premiere list of restaurants across South Africa, as rated by a panel of 50 food and restaurant industry experts. With the Eat Out app, not only can you see what Eat Out has to say about the eateries you can also reserve yourself a table.

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