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GLAMOUR Women in Charge: Mushfiqoh Samodien

Mushfiqoh Samodien, a business Director at Aspire Solutions. Her story is about working herself up and building a multi-million company whilst learning on the job and has played such a key role in building the Cape Town community.

Her work experience spans across FMCG, Oil and Gas, Finance, Business consulting and change and transition management. She possesses strong business relationship management skills. This experience has effectively equipped her to play an integral role in the design aspect of business transformation and the applied use of business systems. With 16 years of experience in the IT environment, she has worked on both local and international enterprise information technology projects, in both private and public sector.

Her whole drive is about the value and impact of women in leadership. She also shares her story and other experiences, in her upcoming book titled “The Woman Within” which is in the process of being published.

In this instalment of GLAMOUR: Women In Charge series she shares with us her career journey, words she would say to her 16 year old self, what the year 2020 taught her and giving back.

Mushfiqoh Samodien

GLAMOUR: For people that don't know you how would you describe yourself?

Mushfiqoh Samodien (MS): I would describe myself firstly as a hard worker, personable and sincere friend. I am a bold risk taker, a self-motivator and one who has not always had an easy life. I have taken ownership of creating my own destiny, by means of seeking opportunities for growth and not forgetting my spirituality. If I had a ‘me’ growing up, someone willing to share lessons and vulnerability to shape a better me, I definitely would have done things a lot differently. I am truly passionate about giving back in any shape or form I am able to, and if part of it is sharing my journey in hope that it resonates with others. I am an enabler for others, I love to encourage people to see their worth; then I have achieved something for mankind.

GLAMOUR: What are some of the great possibilities about being a woman in the world right now, that may not be easy to see but you feel women should take full advantage of without being ashamed or afraid?

MS: The platform society has created within equality and a woman's worth, to be celebrated and see the opportunities if we seize the moment, the support we can receive if we are more open-minded and accepting of our worth.

GLAMOUR: How would you define success?

MS: Success for me is adding value to another to either an individual or seeing the value add within organisations. Doing it proudly and fairly. Knowing that the outcome is based on true passion and the eagerness to push ahead. To know that we have created a base for staff/colleagues that is real and where people are supported.

GLAMOUR: Why is giving back so important to you?

MS: Having not had the easiest road, it is important to remain true to society and give back by not forgetting that I was once that person sitting without direction. I didn’t always have certain privileges and have become that person that uplifts another, as it takes one act of kindness to another to affect change and outlook on life. Giving back allows us to remain grateful and have a heart, which keeps us humble.

Mushfiqoh Samodien

GLAMOUR: What words do you live by?

MS: Faith – My strong sense of spirituality and the awareness to be grateful for each day we have to either rectify decisions or forge new paths, the essence of being grateful for life itself. Love – To love yourself and others, the heart symbolises love therefore a pure heart has a positive impact on our daily lives and the influence on life’s outlook. Love is a root to empathy, compassion and kindness and if we can infect just one person with hope, we then have continued the chain. Perseverance – To keep looking ahead without allowing the past to hold me back, through tough times I see it as a lesson and an opportunity to grow.

GLAMOUR: Given the opportunity what would you say to your 16-year-old self?

MS: Stay 16 as long as you possibly can. Do not rush life instead focus on building a solid enough foundation to enable anything that comes your way. A foundation of moral grounding and strength. A foundation where you accept that you do not need all the answers required at 16. Set realistic goals that you a passionate about and if you still need to find them then make a start within the career and educate yourself with the possibilities. Allow yourself to make mistakes and utilise the experience to build a brighter you. My last statement is true to yourself with choices you are about to make as this too forges a path of self-worth and self-fulfilment. I am fortunate to have teenagers around me that allow me to reflect on my choices and be more open to the generation we currently encounter.

GLAMOUR: What has the year 2020 taught you?

MS: Being open to change, adapting to the situation at hand. Allowing yourself to plan short term and value the little blessings and outcomes. Your circumstances may change in an instant so be prepared to follow a different path that leads to possibilities you might have only dreamt of. More now than ever extend a hand to those in need becomes a foundation whereby kindness and support to the next could be your greatest achievement without you being aware of where the blessings have come from.

*Connect with Mushfiqoh on Instagram @mushfi_qoh

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