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These Instagram accounts will give you some much-needed LOLs right now

When in doubt: meme

We're sure we don't have to tell you guys, but the world can feel like a pretty bleak place to be right now.

We're not saying that memes can make all your troubles or worries magically disappear, but we reckon that having a proper laugh is a pretty good place to start. It's the best medicine, after all.

So we thought we'd share the Insta pages that are serving us some much-needed LOLs right now. Give yourself a well-deserved coffee break and have a scroll through these accounts. You deserve it.


If you don't yet know about @loveofhuns, click that 'follow' button now. Matching iconic pics with hilarious captions, expect tons of Gemma Collins, Dot Cotton, Alison Hammond and old-school girl band throwbacks. Our daily dose of Lols.



We came for the top-tier memes, we stayed for the extraordinary hashtags in the captions.



The absolute best in memes for gals. Ideal for screenshotting memes to send to your WhatsApp group.



Comedian Joe Lycett's Insta has gone from strength to strength this year. Follow for infamous 'who wore it best?' snaps, hilarious updates on his garden and, more recently, his (mis)adventures into painting.


The very best in British memes. You are so welcome.



If ever there was a breath of fresh air in an Instagram account, it's stand-up comic London Hughes of the London Actually podcast. Her followers are also treated to impromptu sketches too – definitely what the world needs right now.



Fact of life: everyone loves memes. Another fact of life: everyone loves Louis Theroux. This Instagram account is a brilliant marriage of those two things.


Yep, it's screenshots of real texts from real exes. Had a rough day? Simply take a scroll through @textsfromyourex and we promise you'll feel better.

This originally appeared on GLAMOUR UK | Author: Ali Pantony

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