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Valentine's Day gift ideas to surprise your special someone

Cupid the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection is ready to infect us all.

With Valentine’s day around the corner many of us are already feeling the frenzy takeover. For many this is a stressful time as we anxiously search for the best gift to express our love. If you fall under this category we’ve got you covered.

Knowing your partner's “love language” is essential when choosing the right gifts. Some love gifts of service, some an experience and then others love receiving gifts. Let's be honest a fair amount of us fall into the latter category. To help you we have curated a list of gifts we know will make it easier for you.

For the wine loving bae:

Local winemakers Black Elephant Vintners are the fun kids on the winemaking block. Their ethos is to add fun to the serious business of winemaking without compromising on the exceptional quality of South African wines. Owners, Kevin, Raymond, and Jacques combined their uniquely diverse skill sets in an earnest endeavour to reclaim fun in the creative process of Winemaking. Try their MCC Pinot Noir Brut Rose or the Brut MCC to toast your love or any of their other varieties.

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For the sleep wear loving bae:

N3YH released a new collection of sleepwear just in time for Valentine's Day. With February being the hottest month of our summer season, wearing something comfortable, light and breathable as well as cute is essential. The softest bio-based bamboo fabric ensures a cooling, smooth and breathable feeling on the skin - giving you the ultimate comfort you deserve after a long summer's day.

Top Drawer collection is another luxury sleepwear brand that has a core focus on producing ethical, sustainable and organic pieces with an aim to make you feel elegant, confident and relaxed. Choose any of their beautiful collections for your special someone.

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For the Shady Bae:

Shades are one gift that no fashion loving girl would so no to. Perfect to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the summer sun but also the best fashion accessory to complement your look. Whether you choose a classic brand like Ray-ban, Maui Jim or a high end luxury one like Prada you can’t go wrong. Nothing says “i love you” like a stunning pair of shades from the one you love.


For the sneaker bae:

Sneakers are the cool girls footwear of choice. Not only does it look cool and works with almost every outfit but extremely comfortable while we are trying to navigate our busy lives. Puma released their latest drop, the thrifted pack. The collection is inspired by thrift shop fashion, with footwear styles featuring light-cracked leathers, premium materials, and yellow midsoles, ensuring that faded, vintage feel. But if you prefer a sneaker with a bold fun print then Vans latest drop in collaboration with African surf lifestyle brand Mami Wata is the perfect choice.


For the jewellery loving bae:

Jewellery given as a gift has and will always be a huge hit. But this Valentines day the international jewellery trend has finally come to our shores. Nicknamed ‘zapping’ by Black Betty founder Kristin Weixelbaumer, the trend sees a chain permanently (and delicately) ‘welded’ around the wearer's arm, neck or ankle. This is a forever piece of jewellery that cannot be removed and a sign of a commitment between you and your loved one that will not put a dent in your pocket but is still valuable and sentimental.

Pandora has released a new chain bracelet in time for Valentine’s day -Moments Studded Chain Bracelet. Made with pyramid-shaped and spherical studs which captures and reacts to light and shows off the charms. Add a charm every year on this day to commemorate this occassion.


For the fragrance loving bae:

Choosing a fragrance is a deeply personal purchase but if you really care about the person you’re with, you will have no trouble finding a fragrance they will love. Sneakily research the type of fragrances they gravitate towards and love then choose the notes that are similar. This might seem risky but if you choose the right one, every time they wear it they will be thinking of you. Top of my list is Eli Saab White and Byredo Mojave Ghost.


For the skincare loving bae:

A skincare routine is a must for anyone who loves themselves and there is nothing more indulging than having some me time to indulge in this ritual. Body butter is always a great gift, moroccanoil has one that is a fast-absorbing moisturizer to intensely moisturize and soften dry skin without leaving a greasy residue. You will definitely reap the reward of your loved one having beautifully soft moisturised skin. Or if you know what their preferred skincare brand is, a thoughtful gift is to simply add to their collection or replace a near empty one.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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