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Your guide to hosting the perfect pamper party for Mother’s Day

All moms should be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

Whether it’s the aunt who took care of you after school or the elder cousin who comforts you when your heart’s been broken, mother figures come in all forms.

This Mother’s Day you can celebrate them all by throwing them a pamper party.

An afternoon of yummy food, champers and special treats.

Here’s what you will need to spoil your moms for a day.

Choose a theme or colour scheme

Nailing down a theme always sets the tone for the day. This makes it easier to decide on decor as well as the food you serve. Share your theme or colour scheme with your guest so that they can dress the part. This makes for stunning Instagram pictures!

Keep your menu simple

Opt for a brunch style menu and dishes that can be prepared in advance. Serve fresh fruit on skewers or as a fruit salad with yoghurt and granola. Set out a few different types of breads, some croissant and bagels with a variety of toppings. Spreads, cold meats and cheeses are perfect. Always have snacks like nuts, biltong and chips on hand.

Image: Unsplash

Set up a drinks trolley

Make sure you have lots of ice to keep all your drinks chilled. Nothing worse than warm champagne darling! You’ll need orange to make the mimosas of course. Jugs of infused water and a variety of fruit juices are a must.


Let the pampering begin

If your budget allows it, hiring a professional beauty therapist would be great. Even if it’s for simple mani’s or a mini make-up makeover.

Otherwise get the little ones in the family to give foot rubs and hand massages. They would love getting in on the fun of the day.


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