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How to host the perfect Friendsmas to celebrate the people in your life

We’ve all heard of Galentine’s Day, the fun alternative to Valentine’s Day with a focus on celebrating friendships. But what about Friendsmas?

While Christmas is traditionally all about family, Friendsmas is your answer to celebrating the festive season with your closest friends.

Whether you're spending the holidays away from family or simply want to have a fun shindig at home, hosting a Friendsmas is your answer.

Here’s how to do it:

Send out special invitations

If you’re planning a fancy occasion, print paper invitations and mail them to your friends. Or you can make cute e-vites. Actual invitations instead of a regular text message will make your party feel a little more special for everyone.

Decorate the tree

If you're planning to have a Christmas tree this year, why not invite your friends to help you decorate? Your tree is as unique as you are, so the decorations can be as classy, funny or flamboyant as you want them to be. You can either supply the decorations, or have your friends make ornaments while they're there.

Serve a few pre-party drinks

Whether you're looking for a little fizzy fun with a bottle of bubbles or want to go all fancy with a signature mocktail or two, be sure to serve a drinkable variety to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

And your little bar doesn't have to cost you an arm. During the holidays, there's always some fantastic specials on beverages. If you are looking for online discounts, then you should look at this website. Here, you’ll find all the holiday catalogues from the shops you love.

Serve up a holiday menu

We all know it's not a celebration without food, and it’s definitely not a Friendsmas without lots of amazing treats. To make it an exciting experience for everyone (and to ensure you have some variety on the table) you can ask everyone to bring their favourite dish.

Or you can work out a special menu before the event. For some inspiration, look for traditional Christmas dishes and spice it up with interesting ingredients, or take a simple meal and add something special. Who says a bowl of mac n cheese with extra cream and pickled jalapeños can't be spectacular?

Have a Secret Santa exchange

Let's be honest, everyone secretly loves the annual Secret Santa exchange at work. So, why not add it to your Friendsmas festivities? But keep it simple by adding a small budget to everyone’s presents or asking your guests to re-gift something from their home that they no longer need or use.

Watch your favourite holiday movie

A Friendsmas can be anything you want it to be. Want to have a sleepover with all your favourite movies? Bring it on! Think Love Actually, The Holiday and Holidate.

Add a few games

A Friendsmas Twister addition? Sign us up! Playing a few games before or after dinner is a great way to create sweet memories together. Ask your friends to bring a few boardgames or buy a deck of cards and look for fun card games online. This website has some exciting ideas.

Make a holiday playlist

Set the mood and get everyone in the festive spirit with a cool holiday playlist. To make it extra special, ask your friends to send in a few requests before the time.

Focus on having fun

Remember: The holidays are all about sharing love and happiness. So, it really doesn’t matter how you host your Friendsmas party, as long as you do it with people that you love and focus on having fun.

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