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How to write a ‘thank-you’ card

Every gift deserves a heartfelt handwritten note. Here are our DOs and DON’Ts of the perfect thank-you card.

DO order stationery early

So you can thank people for engagement-party and shower gifts. Your thank-yous must be on paper; texts and emails don’t count.

DON’T worry about a matching thank-you cards to your invites

It’s not required!

DO include a monogram if you want

Use the initials of your first names if you’re sending any out before you get hitched.

DON’T tackle them all yourself

Split the list with your husband. Cosigning is a nice touch, but it’s optional.

DO send them on time

You should send pre-wedding thank-yous within two weeks. For wedding gifts, the max is three months. Planning on personalising your cards with a big-day photo? If it means missing your deadline, use an engagement pic instead.

DON’T write a novel

Keep it to four of five sentences at most. And don’t get too formal: if ending the note with “Merci, y’all!” is  you, then by all means do it!

DO pace yourself

To avoid thank-you-note-induced carpal tunnel, aim to write about two a day.

DON’T misspell a gift givers name

Check each one against the master guest list or her social media profile.

DO send individual notes

Even if your friends went in on a group gift.

DON’T forget to thank your VIPS

Hosts who threw parties, vendors who went beyond, and your parents and in-laws, who relished (and sweated!) the small stuff as much as you did.

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