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International Chefs Day: Growing Great Chefs

In the bustling world of the culinary arts, the kitchen is the heartbeat of any successful hotel. It is a symphony of flavours, a choreography of ingredients, and a sanctuary for creativity. Here, Radisson RED Rosebank’s Executive Chef, Jeandre Rykheer shares his recipe for success.

“Every plate that leaves our kitchen is a testament to our passion, commitment, and dedication to the art of cooking,” says Jeandre. Noting that as we celebrate International Chefs Day, under the theme Growing Great Chefs, it is an ideal moment to reflect on the significance of mentoring and nurturing young culinary talent, especially within the South African landscape. He drops some nuggets below.

Local is lekker...

South Africa has witnessed an explosion of culinary creativity and innovation in recent years, and to sustain this growth, we must impart our knowledge and passion to young minds. Young chefs are the torch-bearers of our industry's future. Their growth and success are directly correlated to the growth and success of the entire culinary world. Nurturing culinary talent is about preserving our rich culinary heritage while embracing new ideas and techniques.

The secret ingredient is always love...

My journey as a chef began with an in-service program, a remarkable opportunity that allowed me to study while working in various kitchens across different properties. This experience taught me that excellence in the culinary world is a product of dedication and hard work. My inspiration for becoming a chef was rather unconventional, as it stemmed from a childhood love for the movie "Ratatouille." The film's timeless message, "anyone can cook," ignited my culinary aspirations. It also shaped my culinary philosophy, which centres on love and simplicity. Much like your grandmother's Sunday lunch, I believe in cooking with love. Keeping dishes simple, with a focus on two to three key elements. This allows the ingredients to shine. My creations draw inspiration from local flavours and heritage.

Food for thought...

Working across diverse kitchens afforded me the invaluable opportunity of mentorship, from which I learned the artistry of culinary craft, the significance of discipline, and the power of teamwork. Today, I am honoured to pay it forward by contributing to the careers of aspiring chefs at Radisson RED Rosebank. At Radisson RED Rosebank, we recognise that the kitchen serves as the heart of any hotel, where the guest's experience begins. We take pride in being at the forefront of nurturing culinary talent. Our commitment extends from providing aspiring chefs with a supportive learning environment to collaborating with local culinary schools. We offer internship programs that enable young chefs to learn from seasoned professionals. Our focus on sustainability, local sourcing, and creativity helps chefs hone their skills and define their culinary identities. Mentoring young chefs has been a rewarding journey, with many going on to build prosperous careers, a testament to the profound impact of guidance and support.

But it’s worth noting that a career as a chef is not for the faint of heart. Young chefs embarking on this journey should prepare for long hours, a demanding pace, and unwavering dedication. It is a path that demands resilience, creativity, and a love for the craft. What makes it worthwhile is the joy of creating, the pleasure of sharing exquisite dishes, and the lifelong relationships built in the kitchen. For young and aspiring chefs, I offer these nuggets of wisdom:

1. Always show up, dressed and ready.

2. Knowledge is your greatest power; learn from the best.

3. Kindness costs nothing and goes a long way.

The sweet taste of success...

A successful chef, in my view, embodies a blend of attributes that extend beyond culinary prowess. Passion, imagination and courage are key ingredients. Arguably most important, however, is collaboration. For example, as an Afrikaans-speaking chef in a diverse South African kitchen, language barriers were a significant challenge. I overcame this by embracing and learning the languages and cultures of my colleagues. This enriched my life and made me a more effective chef.

As we celebrate International Chefs Day, let us continue to grow great chefs, inspire innovation, and celebrate the art of culinary craftsmanship, ensuring that South Africa's culinary legacy continues to flourish.

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