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Introducing GLAMOUR’s Most GLAMOURous 2024 Award Winners

We hosted our GLAMOUR’s Most GLAMOURous Awards at the Zeitz Mocaa on Thursday the 6th of June, after a 4 year hiatus. The energy was palpable as guests flocked to the Mother City, embodying the essence of Glamour to honor the recipients of this esteemed accolade.

The year is 2024, our theme - Iconic Fashion, the occasion is GLAMOUR’s Most GLAMOURous Awards in partnership with Bernini SA. The highly anticipated event took centre stage at Zeitz Mocaa, set against the befitting backdrop of Table Mountain. The stage was set for a memorable evening dedicated to female empowerment and a celebration of style, fashion and Glamour.

Attendees showed up in iconic ensembles, paying homage to the style gods. Echoing the sentiments of the legendary Coco Chanel, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." These twelve trailblazers epitomize this ethos flawlessly. Without further ado, we present the winners of GLAMOUR’s Most GLAMOURous Awards 2024 Awards.

Red Carpet Glamour Sponsored by Motherkind : This category honours an icon who excels in the art of red carpet dressing.

Thembi Seete

Image: Supplied -Thembi Seete - Red Carpet Award Winner sponsored by Motherkind

The musician turned actress first captured our hearts as part of Boom Shaka, a kwaito music group that pioneered an era. If you know, you know! Thembi has since evolved into an unstoppable force. She is the epitome of classic glamour and her graceful demeanor contributes to her unmissable presence on and off-screen. Her head-turning looks include her memorable Bridgerton ensemble, The Durban July, and the recent Metro FM Awards. She also elevates local designers whenever she dons their designs on the red carpet. We’d like to take this opportunity to honour an icon in her own right.

Street Style Star sponsored by Foschini: Recognizing an individual who showcases effortlessly chic and trend-setting looks in their day-to-day attire.

Nicole Ogle

Image: Supplied - Nicole Ogle - Street Style Star Award winner sponsored by Focshini

Her style is the epitome of dopamine dressing... It's giving bright, bold and unapologetic. With a background in fashion blogging and styling, Nicole Ogle has made a name for herself as a street style star. Her keen eye for trends and ability to effortlessly mix high and low fashion has garnered her a dedicated following on social media. Whether she's running errands or attending fashion events, Nicole's street style always stands out, positioning her as a true trendsetter in the industry. Her best accessory? Her confidence.

Fashion Forward sponsored by Fossil: This category acknowledges an individual who consistently pushes boundaries and experiments with bold and avant-garde fashion choices.

Crystal Birch

Image: Supplied - Crystal Birch - Fashion Forward Award Winner sponsored by Fossil

As a renowned fashion designer and stylist, Crystal Birch is known for her daring and avant-garde approach to fashion. With a background in costume design, Crystal brings a theatrical flair to her work, pushing the boundaries of conventional style. Her unique designs have earned her critical acclaim, cementing her status as a true fashion forward icon. Over the years Crystal has collaborated with leading local and international designers, including award-winning Thebe Magugu, MaXhosa Africa and Studio Viviers, and her work has featured on the cover of numerous issues of Vogue, and is favoured by celebrities and change-makers throughout the world, including Trevor Stuurman and Bonang. And this award speaks to the future of fashion… It’s here, it’s now, it’s Crystal clear.

Classic Elegance sponsored by Witchery Fashion: Celebrating individuals who embody timeless style, embracing classic silhouettes and refined taste.

Nandi Madida

Image: Supplied - Nandi Madida - Classic Elegance Award Winner sponsored by Witchery Fashion

With a successful career as a media personality, businesswoman, and MC, Nandi Madida serves Queen energy and embodies timeless elegance both on and off the red carpet. Her sophisticated sense of style and refined taste have made her a favorite among fashion designers and stylists alike. From elegant gowns to tailored suits, Nandi effortlessly exudes classic elegance in every aspect of her wardrobe. Nandi is also not afraid to experiment, switching up her looks to honor the occasion. And tonight is no different.

Emerging Style Icon sponsored by Coach: Spotlights an emerging talent in the fashion industry.

Zozibini Tunzi

Image: Supplied - Zozibini Tunzi - Emerging Style Icon Award Winner sponsored by Coach

Quickly solidifying her status as one to watch in the fashion space, the former Miss SA and Miss Universe is making a name for herself as an emerging style icon. As a rising star in the fashion industry, all the world's her stage, and she brings a fresh perspective, embracing bold colors and unconventional silhouettes. Her confident presence and unique sense of style continue to garner the attention of brands and fashion lovers alike. And Notably, Glamour…we see you Zozi!

High Fashion Visionary sponsored by Zeitz Mocaa: This category acknowledges an individual who seamlessly blends high fashion with their own personal vision, creating awe-inspiring and artistic ensembles.

Rushda Moosajee aka RushTush

Image: Supplied - Rushda Moosajee - High Fashion Visionary Award winner sponsored by Zeitz Mocaa

Renowned for her visionary approach to fashion, Rushda Moosajee, known as RushTush, seamlessly blends high fashion with her own unique aesthetic. As a stylist and fashion influencer, RushTush has collaborated with top designers and brands to create awe-inspiring and artistic ensembles that push the boundaries of traditional style norms. Her bold and innovative approach to fashion has earned her a dedicated following and solidified her status as a true high fashion visionary.

Celebrity Transformer sponsored by Goldwell: Recognizing an individual who actively promotes and incorporates eco-friendly and ethical fashion choices into their wardrobe.

Thobeka Mbane

Image: Supplied - Thobeka Mbane - Celebrity Transformer award winner sponsored by Goldwell

Thobeka Mbane has become a trailblazer in the fashion industry. As fashion director, stylist, and visual artist, her approach to storytelling creates an inclusive environment for black women and queer bodies. As an Advocate for understanding one's body shape, we’re here for her approach to body positivity. We’re also inspired by her take on self-expression and her creative freedom. Her standout moments include her work with Be Beautiful Hair at Soweto Fashion Week which points to an exciting era in the fashion space. It’s no coincidence that she also styles our Emerging Style Icon Award winner, Zozi Tunzi. She has also styled Black Coffee’s visuals for his Madison Square show in New York.

Most Stylish Entertainer sponsored by Foschini: Recognizing an entertainment personality that has effortless style.

Nomalanga Shozi

Image: Supplied

With her charismatic presence and impeccable sense of style, Nomalanga Shozi effortlessly captivates audiences both on and off the stage. As a TV presenter and media personality, Nomalanga's unique flair for fashion has earned her recognition as one of the most stylish entertainers in the industry. Whether she's gracing the red carpet or hosting events, she always brings her A-game and puts her best foot forward. Nomalanga is simply a force!!!

Style Influencer sponsored by ARC: Recognizing individuals who have a significant impact in the fashion industry through their digital platforms, inspiring and influencing followers with their unique sense of style.

Wijdan Hendricks

Image: Supplied

With a strong digital presence, Wijdan Hendricks has become an influential voice in the fashion industry. She serves inspo with her unique sense of style, offering a refreshing perspective and innovative fashion ideas. Wijdan's ability to connect with audiences and create meaningful content set her apart as a true style influencer, shaping the fashion landscape for years to come.

Collaborating closely with numerous local and small-scale enterprises, she showcases the artistry of designers and champions sustainable fashion brands committed to a slower, more conscientious approach. Through her platform, she aspires to motivate her audience towards embracing sustainable lifestyle choices. Her unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion has garnered her acclaim as a trailblazer in fostering a greener, more responsible fashion industry.

Fashion Icon sponsored by Bernini: Honouring an individual who has become synonymous with glamour and style, setting trends and capturing attention with their impeccable fashion choices.

Abigail Kubheka

Image: Supplied

In the illustrious world of entertainment, few names resonate as profoundly as that of Mama Abigail Kubheka. An emblem of grace, timeless elegance, and a powerful stage presence. The dynamic powerhouse stands tall and her longevity in the industry speaks to her dedication to her craft and serves as an inspiration. Her enduring influence can also be seen in her bold fashion choices. And her beauty and sophistication continue to inspire those who have been moved by work throughout her long standing career. This award is a testament to a life well lived!

Best Dressed Fashion Designer: Honoring a fashion designer that not only makes fabulous clothes but also has an impeccable taste of personal style.

Palesa Mokubung

Image: Supplied

Renowned fashion designer, founder and creative director of iconic fashion label, Mantsho. She is the first African designer to collaborate with the Swedish fashion company H&M to create a collection. The dynamic trailblazer is renowned for her impeccable taste and discerning eye for style. Palesa not only designs fabulous clothes but also embodies her own unique sense of fashion. Whether she's attending fashion events or showcasing her latest collections, Palesa always exudes an air of effortless sophistication and glamour. Her personal style serves as a reflection of her creative vision, cementing herself as one of the best-dressed fashion designers in the industry.

Reader's Choice Award Yaya Mavundla presented by Neutrogena

Image: Supplied

The multi-award winning Transgender Activist and Style Visionary, Yaya Mavundla is unapologetically taking up space, and uses her voice to effect change. Her bold approach to activism can also be seen in her art; a medium she uses to challenge stereotypes. Yaya continues to capture the attention of brands and ordinary South Africans who seek visibility. She has built a solid support base across communities as she continues to show up authentically. Her popularity can also be attributed to her infectious aura and humility in a society where kindness is a rare quality. Yaya’s fashion sense is an extension of her colorful personality. It’s more than a statement, it’s a celebration of self.

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