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Is Londie London walking to Jamaica to join The Real Housewives Ultimatum Girls Trip SA?

We are 6 episodes into S1 of the popular Showmax reality show, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Girl’s Trip SA and Londie still hasn’t made an appearance. Rumour has it, she’s walking to Jamaica. If you see her in the streets, please confirm her ETA

The spin-off reality show which features our faves from The Real Housewives including Nonku Williams, LaConco, Lethabo LeJoy Mathatho and Christall Kay, Melany Viljoen and Liz Prins has been topping the trend lists for different reasons. The question on everyone’s lips though, is where is Londie London?

Meanwhile back in Jamaica, the ladies are causing mayhem. Crystal has been trending for her dance moves, locals even mistook her for Britney Spears at some point. They do look alike if you look closely. Did I lie? And then there was Nonku…the girl is just finna find a Jamaican prince and set off into the sunset, even if it means going 50/50 (side-eye).

Also, can we talk about the Queen of shade? Mel, tell me why you’re weaving social media trends into regular convos with the ladies though? Calling them grannies is WILD if we're being honest. It would be interesting to see how Londie’s presence shifts the group dynamics. But first, she has to show up. Londie London, ma’am…you have one task.

These are some of the reactions on X:

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