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SA reacts to The Mommy Club S2 Reunion

Season 2 of The Mommy Club was quite eventful and dramatic to say the least. The season finale further solidified the divisions in the group. Viewers were left wondering if there was an opportunity for healing and if the ladies would be able to move past all the hurt. Cue the explosive reunion…

Hosted by media personality, Ntombi Ngcobo-Mzolo, The Mommy Club S2 Reunion has been trending for different reasons. One thing’s for sure though…Mrs Mops and Ratile will never be friends. The moment that lives in our minds rent free was when Mrs Mops asked her to roar like a lion. If you’re here, you know what led to this moment.

Meanwhile, Ratile is yet to produce receipts after throwing production under the bus. And as for her situation with Barbara...will we ever get to the bottom of it? Only time will tell. Nozipho’s perspective won over Mzansi’s hearts and we are in agreement that she can stay!!!

With uncertainties looming, the only confirmed detail at this moment is Ratile's return for season 3. We'll wait to hear from the other moms about their potential appearances. In the meantime, here are some reactions on X.


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