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A Recap of Our Favourite Reality Shows

If you’re a fan of reality shows then you’ll know that it’s been an eventful week for your faves. With all the drama and excitement causing a stir on social media, we understand if you're struggling to keep up. Here, we bring you up to speed, you’re welcome!

Big Brother Mzansi S4

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Big Brother Mzansi S4 has been nothing short of electrifying, aptly titled "S’ya Mosha" - signalling chaos and excitement ahead. To say week 8 was an emotional rollercoaster, is an understatement because WOW!!! With the game getting more intense as the housemates draw closer to the finish line, it’s no surprise that the contestants came out guns blazing. But so did Big Brother. Can we talk about Lerato’s sudden eviction? Seriously, what was that? Her shock was palpable, and while her faves tried to come to terms with her shock exit, Yolanda and Mpumi’s heated argument gripped the house. Mpumi’s situation sparked conversations around body odour and hygiene with many tweeps wondering if the unpleasant smell was due to questionable hygiene practices or if it is indeed a condition. The housemates also came under fire for how they handled the sensitive matter.

With emotions running rampant, Big Brother increased the temperature by introducing visits from family members. This was quite emotional as housemates were not allowed to move so they could merely listen and process the messages delivered by their loved ones. Yolanda did break the rules though; charging towards her mom, and weeping uncontrollably at her feet. Her behaviour didn’t go unpunished however. This was a major talking point along with Mpumi’s and Zee’s reactions towards their moms.

A definite highlight was McJunior’s reaction to his sister; the two giggled throughout their interaction which Mzansi found quite cute and relatable. Ghost’s sister also trended with many Tweeps noting the similarities between her and Yolanda. She called her brother out for not being kind to the ladies, and there’s been a notable shift in Ghost’s demeanour, since. What we didn’t see coming though, was Yolanda’s eviction on Friday. The outspoken housemates made some rather disturbing remarks regarding a fellow housemate, and the streets are burning!!!

Love is Blind S6

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The highly anticipated Love is Blind S6 Reunion finally aired and we have thoughts!!! If the reactions on Twitter (or X) are anything to go by, this was by far, the most controversial season. Inviting past couples added a sentimental layer to the show, and it was heart-warming to see them interacting in such a positive way.

There were some standout moments that left us with more questions than answers though. Firstly…can someone explain what Trevor with the mullet was trying to say? It’s clear that he didn’t take the experiment seriously but when he had a chance to come clean, he dug an even deeper whole for himself before excusing. Someone who did take accountability though, is Clay. I don’t know about you but we’re here for his growth. He committed to doing the work, and the results are showing. It’s unclear at the moment however if AD is open to working things out with him after he broke her heart at the altar.

Chelsea expressed regret at the Megan Fox comment after social media came for her. She also shared that she’s proud of herself for handling the slander with grace. As for her journey with Jimmy??? Let’s just say they agreed that they’re better off as friends. It seems that friendship is a recurring theme this season with ​​Kenneth and Brittany also revealing that they’ve also grown to be close friends. Most of us were rooting for this couple until Kenneth’s phone entered the chat but we move! As for the messy situation between Jeramay, Laura and Sarah Anne…enough said. A moment for Amy and Johnny please!!! The only couple to tie the knot this season, affirming that love is not only blind but wholesome, too, with the right person.

The Mommy Club S2

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The topic of marriage is contentious issue this season of The Mommy Club, sparking conversations about the role of the institution in modern day society. Nunurai didn’t mince her words when she asserted that the cons outweigh the pros. With Your majesty boldly stating that marriage is in fact, a scam. The question at the centre of the heated debate remains…at what point do you throw in the towel? According to Oratile, leaving is not an option. As if this topic didn’t cause enough tension, Happy saw it fit to throw polygamy into the mix. If next week’s trailer is anything to go by, viewers are in for a bumpy ride, Ya’ll strapped in?

The Real Housewives of Durban S4

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The introduction of the new ladies seems to have shifted the group dynamic quite dramatically, as a result, the ladies are stuggling to find common ground. In previous episodes, Zama was clearly being ostracized but it seems her recent conversation with Sorisha may have tipped the scales in her favour. Her fans are happy that she stood up to Sorisha and refused to cower. Mabusi’s outburst hasn’t been well received however and viewers are wondering why Sorisha thought it was a good idea to invite her to Angel’s event. The issue of infertility took centre stage as both Angel and Zama opened up about their respective journeys. As for Slee coming for Zama’s finances when she has openly admitted to being financially overstretched is WILD. When you clock the gist of the RHOD S4, please let us know, because wow!!! Let’s catch up again soon.

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