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Pale is the fourth female to be Evicted as Big Brother introduces another twist

Last night, Pale got evicted from the Big Brother S'ya Mosha house, while Lerato Modise and PapaGhost were whisked into a hidden cabin.

The housemates were visibly shocked and overwhelmed with emotions during the live show because of the exit of three housemates. Host Lawrence Maleka got the show on the road when he questioned Zee about her liaison with Sinaye and Young Pappi, to which Zee said they were just friends, while Young Pappi admitted to developing feelings for her. He added she might be playing a game.

Jareed was asked about his ‘dating’ antics with Els, Liema, and Mpumi. He seemed lost trying to explain himself, but he was able to mention that his ship with Liema was on probation. Mpumi, on the other hand, was asked about PapaGhost's personality. She said that she has no problem with PapaGhost but admitted to having a few issues. "He can be too in your face. He is cocky and arrogant," she said.

Pale's exit was announced with little emotion from her to the other housemates. She refused to say goodbye nor hug them. She told Lawrence that her choice was because some of the housemates were not genuine. To wrap up her exit from the house, she was given the chance to throw a dagger into the house at a housemate.

The recipient of the dagger has to serve a punishment which Lawrence explained. Pale chose Liema for the dagger, which means, she would carry a shoe as a baby and do everything she had to do as a parent with an infant. The punishment will last for two days.

The secret cabin

True to the season’s theme of S’ya Mosha, Biggie pulled out another trick last night: he made Lerato Modise and PapaGhost exit the house in what their fellow housemates believed was an eviction. They, however, were ushered into a cabin where they would serve as Biggie's third and fourth eyes.

They will see everything that happens in the house, like the viewers. When the time comes, Biggie will send them back into the house and back into the competition.

The unexpected twist added a new layer of drama and suspense to the show and this will surely all pan out to be the ultimate S’ya Mosha experience.

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