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4 astrology apps that help you understand the zodiac signs

Whether you’re an avid astrology enthusiast who gets ready for the mess that can be Mercury Retrograde or someone who doesn’t understand the hype at all, astrology is more than just a hot topic. But the reality is, with more information accessible to larger audiences, more so-called niche interests. are making headlines around the world. Check out some of the apps you can use to learn about astrology and your zodiac signs.


Launched by esteemed astrologer Chani Nicholas in 2020, this app has grown from strength to strength. Chani Nicholas is a NYT best-selling author and has contributed to several publications sharing her astrology insights. The CHANI app aims to share daily insights, affirmations and yearly roundups for users. You can subscribe for extra benefits, like a peek into your birthchart, weekly readings and a quarterly podcast to break down the year.


One of the most popular astrology apps around, known for its chic, minimalist layout and hyper-accurate readings, Co-Star has over 2 million followers on Instagram along. Once you’ve downloaded it, add in your information - you’ll need to know your date of birth, birthplace and the time of your birth. These key parts help the app create your astrology profile and your birth chart. You’ll get information on your sun, moon and rising sign along with daily astrology updates. Co-Star also doubles up as somewhat of a social network, you can connect with friends and see how compatible you are, astrologically.

The Pattern

Another hit with astrology enthusiasts, The Pattern is known for hyper-personalised daily insights. The process to sign up and create a profile is simple enough, once again you’ll need your birthplace, date and time of birth information to start. The app is famous for daily insights but also the easy way that users can explore their Pattern aka personality traits and behavioural patterns. Enjoy the regular audio uploads and podcasts to start off your week.

Time Passages

An app that’s good for beginners and seasoned astrology lovers, Time Passages is relatively simple to use. Users can access their birth charts, get free daily horoscopes and compatibility meters with partners. There’s an in-depth glossary so you can learn about astrological terms, the zodiac, moon phases and more.

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