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All about astrology: get to know your Big Three this year

2024 has arrived and it’s the perfect time to declutter, reset and revamp your life. While we don’t want to rush into the start of the new year or summer, it can be a time to reflect and get to know more about yourself. Ultimately, your astrological chart is a peek into the sky on the day you were born, divided in 12 parts. Contrary to popular belief, your sun sign isn’t the only sign that matters.

Your big three placements are one of the key components to understanding your chart and yourself. Here’s what you need to know (get your birth time ready!).

Rising sign

One of the first signs in your chart is the rising sign, determined by your birth time and birth place. Also known as the ascendant, it’s where the sun was on the horizon when you were born. The rising sign is often referred to your mask, aka the initial impressions you give out and your external social persona. Your ascendant can often shed clarity on your character and your innermost talents. It could be why you don’t feel like you resonate with your sun sign qualities, as you could be a Aries Sun with a Cancer Rising, two very different signs of the zodiac.

Sun sign

The main character of the birth chart, most people know their sun sign. You don’t need a birth time to determine it, as you can just check the day you were both to see what sign you fall into. You can either be a fire, air, earth or water sun sign and each of those has its own characteristics. Your sign represents your ego and core identity out in the world. If you’re entering the world of astrology, it’ll be the first thing you find out about yourself.

Moon sign

This is another sign that will require your birth time, as the moon cycle shifts every three days. Your moon sign refers to your emotional self and what lies beneath the surface. In your chart, the moon sign plays an integral part in understanding why you might react the way you do in emotional situations and your subconscious feelings.

Want to know more about your chart? Get your birth time, birth place and birthday information together and visit astrology sites that help create birth charts so you can get started.

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