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Add these wellness trends to your list in 2024

The new year is right around the corner and that means it’s the perfect time to reset and recharge your body. The festive season can be a busy time, from planning events to seeing your loved ones. It can often leave you feeling drained or burnt out and in need of another holiday. We’ve compiled some wellness trends to try in 2024, and why they’ll be a great addition to your ongoing health routine.

Digital detox

One of the trends that has no barriers to entry, a digital detox is a simple way to unplug from your devices and your social media accounts. Our digital world means we’re constantly on our phones being bombarded with information, no matter where we are. Taking a digital detox can be a way to reclaim your time, put forth your energy towards hobbies you’ve always wanted to try or spending time with loved ones in real time. It can help reprogram the way you engage with content, help your sleep patterns and improve your overall wellbeing.

Sip on a mocktail

While alcohol is a favourite over the festive season, the new year often starts with Dry January. Alternatively you can take part in Dry July or Ocsober. Limiting or reducing your alcohol consumption has a positive impact on your mental health, your diet and can assist with weight loss goals. There are plenty of mocktail options to try and it’s a creative way to learn more about your own drink preferences in the future.

Sound healing

Have you heard of a sound bath? It can be described as a full body calming experience where you are surrounded by soothing sounds, either solo or in a group setting. The sounds can come from a crystal singing bowl and participants are usually laying down while immersed in this experience. If you’ve struggled to sleep, meditate or slow down after a stressful day, certain sound frequencies can help your mind soothe itself into a calmer state. If you can’t find a sound bath practitioner near you, you can always search up sound bath sounds on YouTube.

LED light therapy

Finally, you’ve probably seen those light up LED masks all over your social media feeds. While you don’t need to look like a Transformer at home, LED therapy is used to treat skin conditions as an effective beauty and skincare tool. It’s considered a less invasive skin therapy when compared to lasers, and although it can be pricey, you can do it in the comfort of your home.

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