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This is what we think of Love Is Blind Season 6 so far...

Season 6 of the highly-anticipated Netflix reality dating show, Love Is Blind, has finally premiered, and boy, do we have some thoughts to share! As the show continues to dominate the trend lists season after season, let's delve into our impressions of the couples and the chaos brewing beyond those iconic pods.

The season kicked off with a bang, as hopeful singles embarked on the journey to find their perfect match behind the mysterious walls. Hours of heartfelt conversations either culminated in a heartfelt proposal or the stark realization that true love might lie beyond the confines of the pods.

It's disheartening however, to witness contestants entering the experiment with preconceived notions of their "physical type," contrary to the show's premise that "love is blind." Take, for instance, Jimmy's decision to pursue Chelsea over Jess, solely based on her hinting at resembling Megan Fox. The aftermath of his choice sparked a social media frenzy, with Jess rightfully predicting Jimmy's eventual regret. Meanwhile, Chelsea's dismissal of Trevor left us scratching our heads with numerous unanswered questions.

On a brighter note, let's swoon over the adorable romance between Kenneth and Brittany! Their love story, though brief, exudes fairy tale charm, promising a happily ever after. Similarly, Johnny and Amy's relationship radiates wholesomeness, echoing Kourtney Kardashian's iconic sentiment.

Turning our attention to Laura and Jeramay, tensions rise as Laura struggles to cope with Jeramay's penchant for Hawaiian shirts and occasional overbearing demeanor. However, her bean dip joke crossed a line, leaving Jeramay visibly uncomfortable. Can their relationship withstand such hurdles? Only time will tell.

And then there's AD and Clay—where do we even begin? AD's reluctance to acknowledge red flags is concerning, while Clay's emphasis on physical appearance raises eyebrows. His expectations for AD to maintain her physique during pregnancy and postpartum are downright alarming. AD's self-proclaimed "fixer" mentality adds another layer of complexity to their dynamic. Will she be able to navigate through Clay's issues, or is it time to call it quits?

Six seasons deep, Love Is Blind continues to provoke the age-old question: Is love truly blind? We'll leave that for you to ponder. Share your thoughts!

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