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5 Key moments from The Love is Blind Season 3 Finale

We can all agree that Season 3 of Love Is Blind was WILD! But nothing could’ve prepared us for the Reunion.

The Love Is Blind Season 3 Finale could easily be a stand-alone reality show because where do I even start? Grab a cuppa, get comfy, and let’s unpack some key moments honey!

Love is Blind-sided

Things weren’t always peachy between Nancy and Bartise but they seemed to be finding their way back to each other as their relationship progressed. The centre completely crumbled on wedding day however when Bartise said, “I do not,” pulling the rug from under Nancy’s feet. Sis’ tried to stay calm but her family wasn’t having it and Boy! Was there drama??? Their reaction was valid though, considering that they no one saw it coming. To echo Nancy’s sentiments, “love is blind-sided.” Your thoughts?

The truth hurts or does it?

The couples built solid bonds based on trust on transparency back in the pods. They fell in love in the most unconventional way but the real world seems to have come in the way of their fairytale. When the couple started having difficult conversations, Bartise soon realised just how incompatible they are. To be completely honest though, the cracks started to show back in Malibu, when Bartise shared with Nancy that he’s physically attracted to Raven. Oblivious to Nancy’s reaction, he continued to explain that Raven is the type of girl that he’d normally gone for, Ouch! At the reunion, Nancy thanks Bartise for his brutal honesty but was that honesty or disrespect? Bartise needs to get a fliter stat!

Love is patient

Can we talk about Raven and SK for a moment? These two have been consistent since SK went down on bended knee in the pods. They are respectful towards each other so they were able to iron out their differences amicably. Raven embraced SK’s culture and theirs seemed like a Nollywood love story. Just moments into the ceremony, it seemed they were heading towards their happily ever after but it all came to an abrupt end when SK sheepishly uttered the words, “I do not.” A complete shock, if we’re being honest. SK’s mom was a just as shocked and was clearly trying to make sense of what had just transpired when she went to comfort Raven. Fast forward to the reunion, the news of them still being together was a definite highlight. This affirms that your person may not be in the right space to commit to doing forever with you TODAY but that doesn’t mean NOT EVER. There’s definitely some truth to the words, love is patient.

Cole vs Zanab

There was a lot going on here, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’m conflicted I won’t lie. Honestly, it’s hard to take sides when we don’t have the full story but the clip at the end proves that people interpret information differently. Cole basically said “save your appetite for later” but what Zanab heard was Cole telling her she’s fat. This basically sums up their relationship. Safe to say Cole and Zanab aren’t bad bad people, they’re just incompatible.

Love is Blind

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the S3 newly weds, Colleen&Matt, as well as Alexa&Brennon. These couples showed up, committed to the process, and said “I do!”

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