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Need a pick me up? Netflix has the latest sex appeal eye candy

Local creatives keep us entertained as Netflix continues to elevate the African perspective. You might recognise actors Bohang Moeko from Seriously Single and Daniel Etim-Effiong from Blood Sisters. We catch up with them and show them some love. Ladies, you’re welcome!

BOHANG MOEKO, South African Actor

Image: Supplied

Glamour: How does it feel to look this good?

Bohang Moeko: It’s great! The right outfit can do wonders for your confidence.

G: Your background is in quantity surveying. Why performance?

BM: The films and TV shows I watched growing up. When I was working as a quantity surveyor, I stepped into my first acting class, which ignited that fire.

G: What do you love most about being an actor? Which have been your favourite roles, and why?

BM: It’s a combination of it all. Those incredible, honest and sometimes frightening moments between action and cut, researching when preparing for a role and how thrilling it is to have an audience moved by your performance. I think I’m yet to play my favourite role.

G: Please talk us through the experience of acting with strong female leads...

BM: I love it! The female leads I’ve had the chance to work with have all done it with such power and grace. It’s inspiring.

G: What’s your take on Netflix bringing African stories to life?

BM: It’s incredible that Africans get to tell their stories and Netflix provides a platform for the world to see them. It’s a game-changer.

G: What’s your take on inclusivity and representation?

BM: It’s empowering and vital. Part of our job is to represent everyone.

G: Let’s talk about your role as Lunga on Seriously Single. What sort of conversations emanated from it? How was the experience? What was your biggest takeaway?

BM: I had a great time – he was a fun character to play. The main conversations were around how wrong he was for what he did to Dineo, real #MenAreTrash vibes. But many people empathised with him and felt he should’ve been given a second chance. My biggest takeaway was that no matter how much of a bad guy a character is, if you humanise him, people will empathise with him.

G: What are your top tips for single girls looking to date a guy like Lunga?

BM: Don’t. Just don’t. Save yourself the chest pains. Unless you aren’t looking for anything serious. Then, go for it. Live your best life.

G: What else can we look forward to from you?

BM: I feel I’m constantly growing as an actor and look forward to playing roles that are challenging and working with the best filmmakers and actors globally. Also, I’m producing some projects through my production company More Echo Entertainment. I’m working and looking to collaborate with writers, filmmakers and producers to create inspiring stories.

DANIEL ETIM-EFFIONG, Nigerian Nollywood actor and film director

Image: Supplied

Glamour: How does it feel to look this good?

Daniel Etim-Effiong: I feel privileged. Of course, I had no hand in how I was created, but I feel a sense of gratitude and responsibility to people who appreciate my good looks and love my work.

G: Do you prefer working in front of the camera or behind the scenes?

DEE: Certain restrictions come with being in front of the camera, which I consider to be the price I pay for fame and fortune. But working behind the camera affords me more creative control and the freedom to maintain anonymity.

G: What sparked your interest in entertainment and film?

DEE: I believe it was realising the enormous potential of storytelling to change lives and inspire them.

G: Tell us about your approach to storytelling?

DEE: Authenticity. The story its teller must communicate the truth to the audience.

G: Your career highlights?

DEE: Some of my career highlights are starring in Nigeria’s breakout web series Gidi Up as Folarin, landing a role in Generations The Legacy in 2016, winning Best Documentary Film at the AMVCA 2020, and starring in the hit YouTube web series The Men’s Club as Lanre. And more recently as Mike in Nigeria’s first legal series Castle & Castle I & II and Akin in Netflix’s first Nigerian original seriesBlood Sisters.

G: Tell us about your experience acting alongside strong female leads.

DEE: It’s been positive. They’ve always inspired me to produce strong performances. I’ve had the great fortune of acting alongside Manaka Ranaka who played Sis Lucy in Generations the Legacy, Sarah Hassan as Lisa Waweru in the Kenyan romantic comedy Plan B, Dakore Egbuson as Remi Castle in Castle & Castle, and in Happiness Ever After with Renate Stuurman who played Princess. Collaborating with them has been a delight and positioned me to shine even brighter in my roles.

G: What’s your take on how Netflix is bringing African stories to life?

DEE: It’s a welcome development. Netflix has provided a window into the African way of life. This is a rare opportunity to curate how the rest of the world views Africa and a new vision of where we’re headed as a continent through storytelling.

G: Nigerian film industry has grown. To what would you attribute this?

DEE: Mostly, to the authenticity of our storytelling and its global resonance. Africans worldwide can relate to these stories and, hence, create a high demand for Nollywood films. Nollywood is also influencing the popular culture of young Africans on social media and beyond through fashion, comedy and language, as seen in the popularity of Nollywood stars globally.

G: Let’s talk about Blood Sisters. What sort of conversations came from it? How was the experience? What was your biggest takeaway?

DEE: My biggest takeaway was how relatable the story was. Everywhere I’ve been after the series was released on Netflix, from Joburg to Atlanta, people from different ethnicities and backgrounds are talking about it. It’s a testament to the work that went into creating this amazing film.

G: What’s your approach to social impact, personally and professionally?

DEE: I believe as artists we have a social responsibility to challenge society by mirroring it through our art and casting a vision for the possibilities within our reach. This way, we positively impact and inspire those who love and support our craft.

G: What’s next for you?

DEE: I’ve got two titles on Netflix soon, one dropped in September and the other much later in the year. I’m also developing my first feature film as a Director.

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