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Fans react to S5 of Love is Blind

Season 5 of the popular Netflix reality show is back on our screens and fans are conflicted because it’s a lot!!!

Previous seasons of Love is Blind introduced us to fan faves, Cameron and Lauren & Tiffany and Brett. We were still enjoying the different relationship dynamics, and seeing them serve relationship goals on Instagram when S5 of Love is Blind dropped. I was honestly just minding my own business on the Netflix streets when I realized that there are new cast members establishing connections in the pods. Boy, was I stoked!

Things seemed to be going well until the Izzy and Johnie situation happened, and then the good sis tried going back to Chris. While we were still wrapping our heads around that drama, Lydia revealed shocking details about her relationship with Uche, prompting Aaliyah to exit the pods prematurely. And then there’s JP who suddenly became mute but it’s his reasoning that has viewers up in arms. I’m not here to drop any spoilers so if you haven’t streamed it, please head over to Netflix so you can join the conversation on the socials. In the interim, these are some of the reactions on Twitter:

Can we all agree that this been the most dramatic season yet? If the latest trailer is anything to go by, the ride is about to get bumpier. Ya’ll be safe!

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