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Spring 2023 Makeup Trends to Hop onto right now!

It’s time to bring on the fun, fresh, and exciting makeup looks as we celebrate Spring. This season it’s all about layers and layers of blush, striking metallic eyeshadow, cloudy skin, and a ton of faux freckles. We are eschewing the beige and latte tones (at least just for the moment) in favour of more vibrant hues that ushers in fresh beginnings for Spring.

Expert Celebrity makeup artist Courtney Hart and Co-Founder of Common Heir, Angela Ubias, have predicted the hottest make-up trends that we ought to hop onto this season. It’s time to embrace self-expression, playing around with different makeup looks, and most importantly having fun. If you’re looking for inspiration or want to try some of the hottest makeup trends this season, keep scrolling.

Matte ‘Cloudy’ Finish

“We’re (slowly) stepping away from the overly glossy and glazed donut skin and bringing back the soft matte finish,” says Courtney Hart, Celebrity Makeup Artist for Kristen Bell, Kaley Cuoco, and Jen Statsky. “For a matte finish opt for hydrating products that have a little bit of a matte finish. Not an aggressive matte but will still have some of your skin’s natural shine coming through,” Courtney suggests.

All about the Blush

Blush. Blush. Blush. “Layer on the blush. We’re all about the blush the season. We’re playing around with some other interesting colours outside of just pinks, peaches, and mauves. We’re also becoming more interesting with the placements of blush. People are placing blush under the eyes and raising it up around the temples for a lifted effect. Go for powders or creams, doesn’t matter we’re using everything!” says Courtney.

Under Painting

“Underpainting is not a new technique but it has had a resurgence of interest thanks to Mary Phillips. Under painting is when you apply concealer and cream bronzer before applying your foundation,” says Common Heir’s Beauty Product Developer Angela Ubias. We’re seeing that people are using this technique where they’re blending their concealer with their bronzer placement for a natural sculpted look. “I love this trend because it makes everyone look effortless and flawless,” says Angela.

Party Eyes

The disco eyelids are making a comeback this season as we’re getting bolder and experimenting with intense metallic eyeshadows such as emeralds and purples. “I love this trend because it plays really beautifully with the soft matte cloud skin. You have this beautiful matte cloud finish and then this colourful metallic sheen all over the eyes,” adds Courtney. Next time you go makeup shopping you might want to pick up a few metallic eyeshadows and join in on the fun.

TIP: Use your eyeshadow brush as an eyeliner by wetting it first and dipping it into your metallic eyeshadow.

Mermaid Core

“In a subtle way the wet skin look is going to continue to be a trend that we see. It’s a step up from dewy skin in that it looks a lot more natural. We’re not going to see that much shimmer with this but more of a natural glossy skin finish,” predicts Angela.

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