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BEAUTY RADAR: A few awesome beauty faves of the month!

We’ve rounded up all of our favourite beauty products for the month of August so that you can add a few goodies to your cabinet or cart.


When they say the best just got better they weren’t playing around. I am already a fan of the Absolut Day Moist CLR treatment, and my hair is a sucker for a leave-in. There’s nothing I love more than a multifunctional leave-in that conditions, repairs, restores, detangles and prevents split ends all while leaving your hair luxuriously soft and shiny. The 5-star ingredients are a combination of hydrolysed cornstarch, beetroot extract and water. This lightweight mist provides heat protection as well as protection against external aggressions and UVA- and UVB rays.

INOAR Absolut Day Moist CLR Leave-in R460


This has got to be my favourite body wash to date. I am in love with the burst of citrus I get every time that honestly invigorates my senses and makes my shower experience joyous! Enriched with tissue oil and multivitamins my skin feels soft, supple and bursting with happiness.

Shower to Shower StayFresh Body Wash R54.95


I’m not one that is into coffee or can’t function without a cup a day. But ever since I added some of this tasty collagen creamer to a cup of coffee, I never looked back. It adds just the right amount of flavouring to disguise that awful ashy, coffee after taste and contains all the collagen benefits you can think of. My favourite flavour is caramel, and they are available in dairy and dairy-free options to cater to everyone.

Dose & Co Collagen Dairy-free Creamer R399


Think of this product as more of a glowy bronzer to illuminate your skin and add a fresh flush of bronzy goodness. The summer glow bronzing compact that makes for the perfect dupe of one of your high-end beauty brands. You can use the colours separately or as one to create the most golden highlight or shimmer.

W7 Shimmer Brick Bronzer R107


A diamond treatment balm that manipulates light for a more youthful glow! This power baby contains marula oil which is high in antioxidants and fatty acids and helps your skin resist environmental damage. I love the vitamin E property that soothes dry and irritated skin while still moisturising and combating environmental pollution all at the same time. The best option if you’re looking to awaken your skin and boost your complexion. I love using it under my foundation as a natural highlighter for that brightening complexion appeal. It’s breathable, non-comedogenic and lightweight too. WINNER!

Youngblood Hydra-glow Treatment Balm


These Hydro Gel eye babies have been a lifesaver more times than I can actually count and have bailed me out when I’ve had tireless nights in front of my computer screen trying to beat my deadlines. They contain hyaluronic acid and provide moisture for up to 24-hour hours. Now you don’t have to look like those late nights!

Essence Hydro Gel Eye Patches R189.95

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