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How to get Beyoncé’s Golden Glowy skin that’s perfect for Summer!

Seeing as it was Beyoncé’s birthday recently, it’s only appropriate that we celebrate her birthday accordingly. It’s been a week - but we’re still warranting all content in honour of Queen Bey.

In the world of fashion and beauty, Beyoncé is known for strutting the carpet draped in distinguished couture, leaving the rest of the world mesmerized. However, her iconic makeup looks deserve to be noticed as masterpieces. The artist behind the art, Sir John Edward, her long-time make-up artist, consistently mimics perfection when Queen Bey hits center stage at Coachella, 'Beychella', or the red carpet. He is the mastermind behind some of her most iconic makeup looks; such as her bronzed glowy skin.

Some back story - Sir John has been with Beyoncé since 2012 and has garnered quite the contact list of many A-list celebrities since then. We gathered tips and tricks that he seamlessly executes to create that flawlessly bronzed and super glowy skin perfect for Spring/Summer. One thing that sits on top of our list is that this look complements all skin tones and is wearable for all occasions.

Tips to getting Beyoncé’s glowy skin, Image Sourced from Instagram/@sirjohn


“A key tip to achieve a natural glow is to use emollients or creams, it’ll give you a subtle glow whilst still making your skin look like skin,” says Sir John in an interview with Net-a-Porter.

“Apply your foundation when the skin is slightly damp or emollient from your moisturiser,” he suggests. Use that 2 minute window before the moisturiser completely dries down.

TIP: Add a few drops of liquid highlighter to your primer or moisturiser for that natural glow. Or add liquid highlighter drops or a cream highlighter to the bridge of the nose and the high points of your cheeks - using the warmth of your fingertips to blend the product into the skin. We’re replacing our shimmery highlighters with cream highlighters for more of a natural glow.

L’Oréal Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops R427
Catrice All Over Glow Tint R106


Sir John praises the tune of duality when it comes to make-up application. He loves using creams and powders. “ I always use a liquid or cream and then put a powder on top to ensure that the make-up stays on for longer. If I do a cream blush, I’ll set it with a powder blush,” says Sir John. Creams are great because they blend seamlessly into the skin giving the effect of living skin glow.

For a natural bronze opt for a foundation stick that’s deeper and warmer than your complexion. “Apply a cream bronzer around the hairline, add a little bit across the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and underneath the jawline. Set it with bronzer powder.”

Apply cream blush from the pupils outward following with a powder blush if you’re looking to intensify the look. For that extra sheen, add a cream/emollient highlighter underneath the blush.

MAC Studio Fix Cream-To-Powder Foundation R750
Revolution Super Dewy Liquid Bronzer R146
Stila Complete Harmony Lip & Cheek Stick Sheer R520


“Add setting powder to your T-zone and leave the rest of the face dewy,” says Sir John. He swears by this technique to achieve that healthy skin-like glow. The key to get an air-brushed finish is to use loose powders. “I use a loose powder to set the under eye concealer. Because the skin under our eyes is thin, a pressed powder will be too heavy and dry for this area,” says Sir John.


Finally, for a little bit of that extra glow add a few highlighter drops to your sunscreen and apply it to your décolletage or collarbones for that subtle body glow. “Apply a little blush over your décolletage, right where your clavicle is. This adds a bit of flush, like blood pumping, which is sexy,“ says Sir John. Or spray a little bit of body glow over the shoulders and collarbones. It’s perfect for the summertime!

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