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101 Beginners guide: The best basic makeup hacks to a flawless look

And how to apply them.

It is no secret that make-up is expensive.

However, that doesn’t mean you should compromise by buying cheap products that may affect your skin. It’s almost summertime.

Everyone wants to look beautiful.

If you’re looking to create a magnificent face beat, make sure you apply the following make-up products correctly.


It is an essential base before putting on any foundation.

A good primer helps the product stay put in the sweltering heat.

For even application, apply a primer using your fingers.

That way, it won’t get stuck on the brush.

Once applied, allow a full minute for your primer to dry before you begin your foundation application.


It is great for keeping your lashes in shape while enhancing their length.

Apply your mascara by looking down into a hand mirror while slightly closing your eye.

Gently wiggle the application brush from the root to the tip of your lash.

This lets you coat each lash individually from root to tip, getting the most out of your mascara.

Try the wet n wild Big Poppa Mascara infused with castor oil.


These are perfect for making your eyes pop.

For it to sit well, first, apply a concealer on your eyelid.

Then apply the eyeshadow using a pressing brush and blend out on the crease with a blending brush.


Use a spoolie brush to brush brow hairs upward.

Then use the pencil to shape and fill brows with tiny hair-like strokes for natural-looking definition.

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