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3 Ways to style your jewellery this summer

It’s almost summer, meaning most people have packed away their scarves and are just about ready to show off their summer accessories.

Summer styling is easy as long as you have the right accessories to enhance your outfit.

Cape Town jewellery brand me.mi has shared tips on how to maximise your look using simple accessories.

Bold stones

When it comes to jewellery, don’t be shy to go big. Invest in vibrant stones. They lend a very different appeal to your look.

Layer mixed metals

There is no such thing as wearing the same coloured jewellery. Summer is all about mixing different colours to make a bold statement. Maximise your jewellery by layering and stacking more than one necklace. Gold, silver, rose gold and chunky necklaces with vibrant hues are in vogue.


Accessorise your accessories by adding more charms. Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or anklet, adding charms can make it more exciting.

If you like rings, wear at least three on each hand. Paint your fingernails in beautiful to make your hands more appealing.

Pro tip: Make sure you get your jewellery cleaned at a trusted jewellery cleaner as some accessories, especially rings and earrings, tend to collect dirt.

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