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A toast to spring with our fave bar beverages!

With the onset of warmer weather nothing tastes like spring/summer more than your fave bar beverage. We look forward to long boozy lunches or fun nights on the town sipping our liquor of choice. My preferred thirst quenchers are varied but delectable on the palate and self-evidently determined by the time of day or dare I say mood?

Meeting your girls for a brunch date or going on a date night with your other half? My go to drink of choice- I will be ordering a glass of bubbles or a bottle of my recently discovered and new favourite Cap Classique -Pieter Ferreira-Pinot Noir Brut. The tasting notes are described as: “attractive pale salmon pink with a touch of golden hue. Persistent and delicate bead and mousse, with fine bubbles rising slowly. A nose of sweet and sour cherries with fresh pear. Delicate fruit on the palate, elegant, and showing great finesse and brightness. Great vibrant mouth-feel with raspberry notes, tropical nuances leading to a bright, long, lingering finish.” Interesting fact, the brand is female owned - by Ann Ferreira and as the Glamour brand we celebrate women owning their space in the world.

Another firm favourite is La Lude Cap Classique Brut Reserve. The process involved in creating the Cap classique as well as the attention to detail is revealed in the taste profiles which are elegant and fresh. Having this bottle gracing your table speaks to enjoying and embracing the soft life!

Black Elephant Vintners have recently unveiled their new wine vintages. Being hailed as the rebels in the winemaking industry, they have demonstrated they have much more to offer. The vintages released are of 3 of their top-rated wines. Amazing Grace Cabernet Sauvignon 2018:, The Power of Love Chenin Blanc 2023 and The Dark Side of the Vine Semillon 2020. My personal fave is undoubtedly the Semillon. The follow-up to Black Elephant Vintner’s 5-star Platter 2019 Semillon. Consistency is critical with these old vines planted back in 1905. 2020 has the same freshness and typical earthiness but with more weight and fruit concentration. Enjoying a glass or bottle with your meal will only enhance the experience when you add a group of your favourite people. Wine is to be enjoyed with friends and family!

Black elephant vintners/ The Dark Side of the Vine Semillon 2020

Last but by no means least is one of my favoured hard liquors, gin! A gin cocktail with my girlfriends screams hot summer nights dancing till dawn. Roku gin as I have previously mentioned is a best-loved brand. The Roku, translating to the word ‘six’ in Japanese, is a crafted gin created with six botanicals sourced from Japan. These high-quality botanicals, harvested from the best growing areas in Japan each season, include sencha and gyokuro teas, celebrating summer, as well as the Sakura flower and leaf, which bloom in spring. Showcasing the unique flavours Japan produces in autumn, Sansho pepper adds a unique taste, as well as the peel of yuzu fruit, which finishes off the harmonious flavours of Roku Japanese Gin and represents the winter botanical.

Image Supplied/ Roku Gin

Bombay Sapphire gin is not only delicious but also has a desire to inspire creativity and innovation in the South African bartending community. They have launched the Creator's Hub in South Africa - a first of its kind program that will see over 50 top bartenders from across the country coming together in Cape Town for a career-defining experience. Not only do you enjoy an exceptional quality gin but you will be supporting a first of its kind initiative which serves a community and fosters artistry. As an avid gin drinker the best cocktail is simply adding tonic water, lemon, mint and blueberries with loads of ice for a refreshing drink!

Image Supplied/ Bombay Sapphire Gin

Happy responsible drinking!

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