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Let’s unpack The Mommy Club Reunion...

Following the dramatic finale of The Mommy Club, fans of the show waited in anticipation for the reunion. The fabulous mommies finally showed up on Tuesday, the 5th of December, and we have thoughts.

Hosted by award-winning media personality, Thembisa Mdoda, The Mommy Club Reunion was a rollercoaster ride. As the first woman to host a Showmax Original reality show reunion, POP24’s executive producer. Zinzi Velelo Alake, had this to say about the groundreaking move, “We chose Thembisa to host the reunion because she is amazing at what she does, she is a mom and we know that she will be able to handle Jozi’s ‘it’ moms. The Mommy Club is about strong, powerful and beautiful women who do it all and our choice of host reflects that.”

Image: Mutlichoice

Ahead of the reunion, the lively host promised to leave no stone unturned, and she delivered. The ladies showed up in their full glam as always but Mrs Manche was missing from the panel. Thembisa explained that she declined the invitation as well as the show’s request to send through a video detailing her journey. Considering how the ladies parted on the season finale, the tension in the room came as no surprise. There were a few surprises though, and judging by the reactions on Twitter, we were all watching the same show. But first, can we address Ratile’s abrupt exit after she shared her truth? What was even more confusing was that the person she’s mad at was a no show. Tshego wasn’t even present to validate her feelings. Naturally, Thembisa had questions. Or should we address Nunurai’s apology tank, sis said it’s empty, and she’s not trying to move from that hill.

Image: Multichoice

And as for Mrs Mops being called a pot stirrer…she tried to set the record straight but the masses aren’t convinced. Her response to not being open enough on the show is commendable however, and kudos to her for owning her truth. We also have to applaud Her Majesty for carrying the show on her back. Seeing her daughter looking happy and healthy affirms that she joined the club for the right reasons, and we are here for it!

While we reflect on the season that was, these are some of the reactions on Twitter:

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