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What we think of The Mommy Club so far...

There’s a new group of mommies on Showmax. Not only are they turning heads but they’re on everyone’s lips too. The Mommy Club is serving luxe, looks and drama honey!!! But you know what they say about all that glitters right? Let’s get into it!

First impressions

At face value, the elegant momfluencers are living their best lives and we love to see it but it wasn’t long before the cracks started to show. The ladies were left speechless when Her Majesty shared details around the car accident that claimed her husband’s life. This incident sparked conversations around infidelity on social media.

Parenting styles

Parenting has been a contentious issue on the show, as it should, considering that there are little humans at the centre of the fabulous Mommy Club.


It was a natural synergy for some of the ladies and vibes seemed to be flowing but the fallout between Mrs Mops and Tshego left many viewers with questions. Mrs Mops’ reaction to Tshego’s “meltdown” was quite hilarious though, and the social streets were quick to express their amusement.

Tshego’s thoughtful gesture to help Her Majesty release her anger is an example of sisterhood, and we love to see women holding space for each other. We look forward to unpeeling more layers in the luxe lane. In the interim, these are just of the reactions on Twitter:

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